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2013 Gen Con P3 Painting Competition Gallery Online

One day…

Privateer Press has finally put online something I’ve been hoping they would: An online gallery of the various winners of the 2013 Gen Con Grandmaster Painting Competition.

One day I hope to have a model entered in there.  One day I hope to win too!  I still think I have a long way to go skill-wise, but it’s a great motivator.  Next year at Templecon, I hope to enter into the Crystal Brush if they have it again.

You may recognize Eric Lui’s Kraken from Templecon this year.  He won silver in both battlegroup and Massive!

Check out all the amazing winners here.

[Journeyman 2013] Let the games begin! But first, a gallery…

Last night was the first night of actually playing this army, so I’ll have real up impressions soon.  In all honesty, 15pts doesn’t lend itself to a lot of subtlety, so this army just kinda rushes up and makes with the chopey chopey.

All this gets me to Tier 2 currently (first round stealth and a free swordsmen UA), and according to my collection calculator is 44% of my Rearguard army painted. None too shabby. Typhon is currently on the painting table.  Followed by Warspears after that.

Sidenote: I changed the [Slow Grow 2013] to [Journeyman 2013] as that’s the title everyone is familiar with.