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The most amazing Stormwall EVER. Seriously.


I literally have no words for how awesome this Stormwall is.  Just watch this video in awe and marvel at its magnificence.

After you pick up your jaw, head over to this forum thread to gawk at some more pics and learn a bit of how he accomplished it.

Kudos Pydracor, kudos.


Cool stuff: Warmachine/Hordes Dictionary

Here’s a new feature I’m going to be starting (although I’ve already brought you a few posts like this last year) where I bring you things that are interesting, just plain cool, or otherwise note-worthy.  All related to Warmachine/Hordes of course…

Don’t have time to sift through the abundance of “stuff” out there?  I’ve got you covered.

The mean people in your computer scare you?  I’ve got you covered.

Just need someone to tell you what to look at?  I’ve got you covered.

To start us off this year, I found a very helpful post on Steam-Powered Gamer.  Whitestar333, who runs the site, has put together a very comprehensive dictionary of Warmachine/Hordes terms.  This is especially useful to anyone just getting into the game as it helps you out with the large amounts of “inside” abbreviations and things that are commonly used on the forums.  If you’re new that can be a big barrier to entry just because you have no idea what the heck people mean when they start talking about eGaspy or KEEs, ATGMs, LMNOPs.

Without further ado, I present the: Warmachine/Hordes Dictionary