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Kallus, the Wrath of Everblight is ready to take the field!

Kallus, Wrath of Everblight
Kallus, Wrath of Everblight

Just last week I posted a pic of the Kallus I began working on over the previous weekend.  In it I talked a little about the new methods I was trying out for metals.

I’ve been battling a bout of painting ADD lately after our Journeyman recently ended, so I’m very happy to report that he’s finally done once I was able to sit down and focus on him.  As you can see in the pics, this guy (in my opinion) came out superb!  I’m happy with the way the sword, the armor, his face, hell, even the base, came out!  And if you look closely (my camera couldn’t get it clearly in about ten or so tries), I even gave him a red pupil!  Like the kind that people have in their eyes! So that’s another first in this model!

Sadly however, he won’t really see the table until I finish painting my Rearguard list.  I have vowed to not place that army on the table until it is 100% painted.  Yes, Rearguard is a Rhyas theme force, but I managed to pick up Kallus for super cheap last Black Friday because I liked the model before I had even decided on rolling with Legion. I think he was something like $3.50-$4, so how could I turn that down?  It worked out anyway, because I also think he will work great with the models I have in the Rearguard list for a little bit of variety or spice when I need it.

Enjoy the gallery and as always, C & C is  greatly appreciated!


Praise be to him! And Journeyman League Painting Table update…

pSeverius! Ready to convert some heathens!
pSeverius! Ready to convert some heathens!

The Journeyman League is still in full swing and the Nova Open is happening in a week, plus I have a race this Saturday, so sorry I’ve been lax with the updates and pics.

I have Harbinger, a full unit of Vengers, Gravus, eKreoss, 10 Errants + UA, and a unit of Knights Exemplar on the table currently.  Yeesh.  By my schedule, starting tomorrow I have about 6 days to work on it all.  So yeah, that isn’t happening.  I am hoping to get the Errants and Harbinger at least done by the Open which seems more do able if I can knock out 2 Errants a day.  After the open, there’ll be one more week of the Journeyman, so I really want to get the Vengers done and on the game table by then as that would be 15 hobby points for me, a pretty sizable chunk that might push me over the edge for second place…Yes, I’m playing for second place.  We have a player that has already painted more Skorne than the amount of Menoth I own.  I think his Hobby score is equal to the next person’s total score.

In the mean time, I did manage to finish the old man himself, Grand Scrutator Severius.  He’s more of a spell slinger than I usually play, but I welcome the change in pace.  Plus Ashes to Ashes and Eye of Menoth are awesome spells.  I never thought I would see the day that MAT7 missed some much until I started playing Menoth.  When I was playing Khador, MAT7 was like ‘elite’, the stuff of Characters.  When I was looking at my Menoth cards, I was like “wait a minute…the normal troopers are MAT7!? BROKEN!!1!”  MAT8 Exemplar is going to be gravy however.  Plus 8 Focus seems like a lot, so it might feel like how I felt when I played my first FOC7 caster from FOC6 and felt like I had focus to burn for days.  He’ll be going on the table tonight for sure, along with a lot of other stuff I’ve painted but haven’t played yet.

Reznik & the Reckoner: Bros 4 Life.

Always swingin' for the fences!
Always swingin’ for the fences!

Following on up my post yesterday featuring your favorite neighborhood executioner,  I did happen to have a Reckoner laying around!

Well, to be honest, he’d been laying around at about 50% complete for a few weeks.  I kept putting him off because I was in my Khador mentality where 4 jacks was more than I would ever need as only 2 typically saw the table at a time.  So units needed to be done!  But this is Menoth! The ‘jack faction if the forums are to be believed.  So what’s one more warjack eh?  The more the merrier right?

Tomorrow will be the first night this bad boy sees the table along with his homeboy Reznik.  Reznik really seems like he likes the Reckoner chassis warjacks, if only for the extra speed and reach on two of them in order to make the best use of the out of activation battlegroup moves and attacks.

My initial thoughts on the Reckoner itself however:  SPD5 heavy?! Whaaa?!  Reach? Assault? A DEF debuff? Only 8 points?! 

Having a innate SPD5 heavy will probably be the  biggest thing for me as up to this point, I’ve only had SPD4.  I know it’s only +1, but that makes a difference!  How much?  Not sure, I guess I’ll find out tomorrow night.

More to come shortly: Daughters of the Flame! And part 2 of my thrilling Extreme eKreoss conversion!  Stay tuned!!

“I love my job,” Reznik thought to himself as the screams of the unfaithful filled the air.

"Is this YOUR homework?"
I’m sure he whistles while he works.

As promised, here is High Executioner Reznik!

I was able to finish this guy in just one night (barring grass on the base but I’m waiting to finish a few more so I can knock them out at once) and I think he’s come out really, really good.  I’d wager he’s easily above “tabletop quality.”  Now what that tells me is that either I’m getting faster or I’m getting better at this painting thang.  Or both.  It also doesn’t hurt that this Menoth scheme, minus the gold parts, is very easy to execute quickly and it even looks really good on the table if I do say so meself.

Reznik was originally my first choice for Protectorate warcaster when I was deciding on a faction nearly a year ago.  In fact I considered doing his theme force.  In the end I decided to go with an eKreoss theme force (more info on that conversion coming soon) but then I got lucky on bartertown and now I have both!

This Thursday will be my first night using him, so I will add more thoughts then, but at first glance he looks to be a ‘focused’ ‘jack caster.  Meaning unlike Amon who supports all his warjacks at once, Reznik seems to support them individually and allows for some crazy out of activation movement.  I bet he loves the Reckoner.  Hmmm…I think I have one lying around here somewhere…


Epic Feora is ready to light my fire!

Burn baby burn!
Burn baby burn!

My second warcaster for the Protectorate is ready to get it hot and heavy in here! With each new model I am starting to really like this scheme more and more!

I’m sorry I don’t have anything more insightful to say about her, but the fact of the matter is that I haven’t used her yet, so really don’t know what she’s about.  She seems to be geared more to the warjack side of things, with things like her feat and Escort.

Yo, shit's on fire.
Yo, shit’s on fire.

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Kreoss & the battlegroup ready for the Journeyman League games to start!

Prepare to be judged.
“We’ve come to smash your face in. For Menoth, of course.”

The battlegroup is finally competed and properly based!  I’m really glad I decided to add grass, it adds a lot of character I think.

Not much to say really, other than I AM SO FRIGGIN EXCITED to start playing Protectorate of Menoth.  This paint job has really grown on me since my previous reservations and I’m sure it’ll look even better on the table.  Next Thursday can’t come soon enough.  May victory rain down upon me and maces and fire rain down upon my opponents.

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Last of the warjack support painted up: The Vassel of Menoth!

Vassel of Menoth
I must scream!

Welp, that’s the last of the warjack support done.

This model really flew by.  It’s so small and mostly chains and metals so it literally took me about 30, 45 minutes  tops, start to finish.  I look forward to putting this guy, the Choir, and some wracks on the table for the first time.  This is so much warjack support, especially coming from Khador, I won’t know what to do with it!  Probably get it killed before it can do anything…

Oh, and what might that be in the background hmm….

This next song goes out to the warjacks in the front!

Choir of Menoth: Allow me to sing you the song of my people.
Let me sing you the song of my people.

The Slow Grow/Journeyman League painting madness continues!  This time with, what I am sure will be a unit that sees a lot of tabletop time, the Choir of Menoth!

I had a lot of fun painting these guys and they went pretty quickly as well.  I especially like the leader sculpt and the way the scrolls on the grunts came out.

Also, these guy’s are going to be my submission for Lost Hemisphere‘s July Paint the Target with the theme being models with Reach this month.

What’s next on deck?  A Vanquisher for sure to fill out my first 15 points.  Then possibly Cinerators because I really like those models or eFeora.  Which reminds me…I forgot to post Kreoss, the Crusader, Repenter, and Avatar I have done. I’ll get on that…

I don’t wanna work, I just want to swing my giant axe all day!

pButcher AKA da Man.
You can almost here him whistle while he works…

This is a little late in coming, but I’m working on getting all my completed models photographed and posted.  Today we have Mr. Orsus AKA The Butcher.  I’ve already mused about the man and the model before.  None of that has changed.  In fact, with each game I think I like him more.  And I think this is one of the best models I’ve ever done!

I don't wanna work, I just want to swing my giant axe all day!
I don’t wanna work, I just want to swing my giant axe all day!

This one made it to April’s Paint the Target over at Lost Hemisphere and here’s what G’Day had to say about it:

VoltRon kicks down the door with Butcher wearing possibly the cleanest armor he’s ever seen fit to don. Stormtrooper inspired? I love the high contrast between the white and the blacks and oranges.