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A wild Torekage appears!

Why, hello there!

It’s been awhile hasn’t it?

Quite a lot has changed for me in the past almost year since I posted some of my original work, namely a son and recently a move to a new house.  But with that most recent change, something amazing happened!

I now have a game room! Pics of that to come once I get it all set up.  The last few weekends have been about putting together a gaming table and it’s almost there.  But that’s for an upcoming post, as I have some before pics and need the after.

This post is about all about Malifaux!

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Dark knight Vlad3 up for auction to benefit the Wounded Warriors charity!

Hey everyone!

This is the model I painted for the Feat of Service 2015 Charity Benefit for the Wounded Warrior Project. I feel Vlad is an appropriate model for Wounded Warriers due to his fluff. I went with a “Dark Knight” vibe as I felt that while looking cool, it was pretty agnostic towards any one’s existing paint schemes!

If you are interested in supporting the charity but are unable to attend you can find our online auctions here at Novanomads.com/online-charity-auctions/

Dark Knight Vlad3
Dark Knight Vlad3

Here’s the direct link to the eBay auction!

[Infinity] Tohaa’s First Tournament

I’ve been on an Infinity kick as of recently.  Unfortunately getting a game in is hard when I already have my Wednesday nights devoted to Warmachine and the guys meet for Infinity on Thursdays. It’s hard to squeeze in both and be out two nights a week (technically it’d make it four nights as Tuesdays are Trivia night and Fridays are currently Game of Thrones night, but I digress).

So when Certs announced a tournament in May and I saw that there were going to also be two other new players, I jumped in. Mostly as a way to at least get a couple of games in.

The event was a 300pt, 1 list, YAMS format “Draw 6, Share 2, Keep 2”.  Having only played a handful of Infinity games, I marched on with my models in hand to give out some free wins to the other attendees.

My only hope that I at least semi-make my opponents work for it…

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So you want to airbush? A Beginner’s Guide, Part 1

As requested: airbrushing!

Asking for airbrush advice is a fairly common topic on miniature forums. With good reason, getting one is pretty daunting and there aren’t many clear cut answers (such is art I guess).

That’s because just getting an airbrush isn’t enough.  What else do you need to make it work?  How do you make it work?  It can be a fairly expensive venture, so you want to keep trial and error to a minimum.

Welp, you’re in luck because I’m one to dive into things, so I’ll share with you all my trial and error and all I’ve learned in my 2ish years of using an airbrush!  Here’s comes the quick and dirty guide!

DISCLAIMER: While I do try to give more clear cut answers, these are still my recommendations ONLY.  I’ve geared this guide towards people that want more concrete answers.  I do give information as to why I choose each. There are many great guides available online that contain more in-depth information on each subject if you want to learn more.

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Creating a Custom Caster for Feat of Service!

Come June 7th, our club is going to have its first annual Feat of Service custom caster/spell draft charity event, all to benefit the Wounded Warriors Project.

You can check out the full rules and what not for the event here, but the coordinator of the event asked a couple of us bloggers to write about our drafting experience and thought process while coming up with the caster we’d be fielding.

I’m one to play things more “in the spirit of” the events, so this isn’t going to be an exercise in how I can game the system to produce the most ball-breaking, busted, broken caster possible.   That’s not really fun to me (or opponents I’m sure).

Let’s see what I came up with!

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[Paint the Target] February 2014 Results!

So this post is a little late.  March 1st happens to be on a Saturday and even though that’s the day I’m composing this results posts, it actually won’t post until March 3rd.  Why? Saturdays are historically the lowest traffic days and I want to make sure as many eyeballs see your guys amazing stuff!

This month, you actually had the option of three targets:

  • A female model
  • A model using some kind of archery
  • A model with a predominately red scheme

So away we go!  Again in no particular order…

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[Paint the Target] January 2014 Results!

Welcome to the first results post of the 2014 Paint the Target season!

(I’m working on getting a better banner image…)

A number of you sent in your results this month (more than I was expecting in all honesty), with the target being painting a model you received over the past holidays.

Let’s get right into it shall we?

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Introducing Paint the Target in 2014! Enter Now!

It’s officially 2014, and that means resolutions.

Many a hobbyist starts the year, bright eyed and eager to attack that backlog of projects that continuously seems to build and  build until it finally consumes them and their loved ones.

NAY I SAY TO THEE IN 2014!  We shall fight back against the  rising tide of metal and plastic!

For 2014, I’d like to bring back arguably one of my favorite monthly features of the (now defunct) Lost Hemisphere blog: PAINT THE TARGET!

Stop making those lofty New Year Resolutions and Paint pledges you can’t keep.  Let’s take it chunk by chunk!

RULES: At the beginning of each month, I give you a target (for instance, paint a model with a ranged attack), you paint said target.  Email me pics by the end of the month and I’ll make a big gallery for all to see.  Random prize draws may also be had every once in awhile.  I’ll have to check my coffers first though…

Although my readership is mostly Warmachine/Hordes related, I’m opening this up to any game.  Bring on those Infinity, Malifaux, or 40K models as well!


I do believe Cryx-mas has recently come and gone…For the first challenge, an easy one:

Paint a model you received as a gift over this past holiday.


(This last bit I’m cribbing from LH)  

Email your submissions to miniarmyhugetimesink [at] gmail [dot] com.  Be sure to specify your online name so that I can credit you accordingly. Please get me submissions by January 30th. Note that this is a hard deadline – if I don’t get your submission in time, I’m sorry but it won’t be included in the post. No exceptions without bribery.

[Infinity] Initial thoughts on Tohaa & Completed Army Pics!

I went with Tohaa as my first (and quite possibly only) Infinity force. Aesthetically, they hit all the right buttons. I haven’t come across a model I don’t like yet, which is a rarity as even though I love my Menoth, there are still models I don’t really care for in that regard (same goes for every faction in WM/H actually). So A+ there.

Tohaa Army
Aw yiss.

Playstyle-wise, so far the Tohaa seem a bit horde-ish to me as many lists I build have more than 10 models (conversely, the Haqqislam list I was initially going with was just 8 models if I remember correctly). You can make lists with less by using more Symbiote Armor (again awesome) troops or taking heavier weapon loadouts however.

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