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Dark knight Vlad3 up for auction to benefit the Wounded Warriors charity!

Hey everyone!

This is the model I painted for the Feat of Service 2015 Charity Benefit for the Wounded Warrior Project. I feel Vlad is an appropriate model for Wounded Warriers due to his fluff. I went with a “Dark Knight” vibe as I felt that while looking cool, it was pretty agnostic towards any one’s existing paint schemes!

If you are interested in supporting the charity but are unable to attend you can find our online auctions here at Novanomads.com/online-charity-auctions/

Dark Knight Vlad3
Dark Knight Vlad3

Here’s the direct link to the eBay auction!

2014 Feat of Service Charity Event recap!

Plarzoid posted a recap over on his site of the First Annual Feat of Service custom caster event held this weekend.

Katya takes to the field of battle, brew in hand.
Katya takes to the field of battle, brew in hand.

I’ve talked about event before in my series on building my own custom caster in the spell draft, Rohan, Demon of the Mists*.  But you have got to take a gander at all the AWESOME custom casters folks came up with!  It looks like it was an amazing time and raised over $3,000 for the Wounded Warriors project!

I’m already looking forward to next year’s event!

(*I unfortunately was unable to attend due to previous family plans)

Vlad, the Dark Knight cometh!

The Feat of Service event is coming up soon, and I’ve been tapped to paint a model donated by Fairfax Comics & Gaming for the silent auction.

That model is Vlad3.

Vlad has been know as the Dark Prince, the Dark Champion, and then his cavalry version went and mucked things up by naming him The Great Prince of Umbrey. Couldn’t even make him the Great Dark Prince of Umbrey or the Dark Horselord or something.

I’m fixing that folks. Well…in color scheme anyway…

vlad3 wip
“This isn’t my horse…”

He’s still in the very early stages, but the armor idea is pretty much there.  He has a very dark plate, but there are little twinges of Sanguine and blue that don’t quite come across that well in these pics, but has a very chroma-shift type effect in person.  I also tried to give the armor a very hammered look and texture rather than the typical slick colored inlays of the studio model.  You know, something really befitting of an ancient suit of armor.

You can see the color twinges a bit better in this pic...
You can see the color twinges a bit better in this pic…

This Saturday is the going to be the day I try and knock him out so that I can make sure that he’ll be ready in time for Feat of Service. Stay tuned and don’t forget to get your donations in, you can win some really cool stuff (and bid on this Vlad-fully painted of course)!


Feat of Service 2014 – WIP Pics

Check out another custom caster for our Feat of Service event!

Chronicles of a Mediocre Wargamer

As June 7th draws nearer I’ve continued to work on my custom caster for the event. Unfortunately I won’t be able to make it to the event itself, but that hasn’t stopped me from converting my caster and slapping some paint on her!

As I mentioned in my original Feat of Service post, I wanted to use pDenny as my chassis, in part because pDenny was the first casters I put together and my paint job on her doesn’t stand up to some of my more recent stuff. Originally I had planned to swap out the head for Alexia’s head, but I found that the shape of Alexia’s neck was too difficult to work with, so I ended up using the head of Annyssa Ryvaal (an idea I blatantly stole from plarzoid.com).

Other than that the plan came together pretty well. I stuck the metal pDenny body on eCaine’s base…

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Creating a Custom Caster for Feat of Service: Spell Draft Time

Following up on the heels of Part 1, it’s time to see how I made out in the spell draft!

Now that I have my chassis and initial 25 points I drafted spells with a group of four that included Plarzoid, Demitra, and Chris.  Check out the rules here if you need a refresher, but the gist of it all is that there is a deck of cards with a spell on each.  You start with 8 and pick 1 and pass the rest on.  Goes around in a circle until there are no cards left.

Let’s just right into the draws shall we?

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Creating a Custom Caster for Feat of Service!

Come June 7th, our club is going to have its first annual Feat of Service custom caster/spell draft charity event, all to benefit the Wounded Warriors Project.

You can check out the full rules and what not for the event here, but the coordinator of the event asked a couple of us bloggers to write about our drafting experience and thought process while coming up with the caster we’d be fielding.

I’m one to play things more “in the spirit of” the events, so this isn’t going to be an exercise in how I can game the system to produce the most ball-breaking, busted, broken caster possible.   That’s not really fun to me (or opponents I’m sure).

Let’s see what I came up with!

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