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Progress on Druid Gone Wilder & Nephlim Soldier

I really need to get a new camera :/

Slowly but surely the painting table is getting worked on…

Today I have for you the latest on two of the projects I chronicled earlier: The Druid Wilder and the Nephlim Soldier!

I’ve got pretty much the entire Druid basecoated and some highlights have started to go in.  The Woldwrath head is completed and came out great I think.  The rest, weeeellll…Something seems off to me but I can’t put my finger on it.  Perhaps you see what I don’t or can give me some pointers?

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GenCon Exclusives Pic: Bombshell Bombardier & Druid Gone Wilder figures! [UPDATED ]

UPDATE: As if on queue, Privateer Press has released the official model previews on their site.

I thought they were just shirts before....
I thought they were just shirts before….

In the latest Privateer Press Insider, they mention some exclusive releases.  I had seen the artwork they were talking about before (the Druid is currently my phone wallpaper), but I didn’t know they were going to be figures, then I found this!

It’s not the best quality obviously, but they stay very close to the artwork shown in the gallery below.

So who’s going to Gen Con and picking one up?