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On the eve of eeVlad…


…eVlad is completed!

I’ve only had one game with Mr. Shoulder Pads and i think it was because that he was still not finished at the time is why he didn’t do so well.  That and Saeryn shuts down Khador hardcore :/  Oh well.   Now that he’s painted, he’s ready to win me some games!

I actually like this sculpt, yes, even with the massive shoulder pads.  I like it SO much more that pVlad’s.  Welp, that’s two versions of Vlad I have painted.  I  guess that just leaves…


Vlad the Dark Champion WIP, finally…

Ah it feels good to be painting with passion again. I’m still plugging away at my Iron Fangs and Assassins but it’s hard, especially knowing that in a few weeks they are going to be shelved for the time being while I partake in a dalliance with the Protectorate of Menoth.

I got eVlad sometime right before my wedding and he’s been sitting in pieces since, unable to make the table. Well no more! I crank put a lot on him in a very short time last night. Seriously in a few hours this is what I got. Not bad if I say so meself.

Now, you’ll know I’m no fan of pVlad. I don’t like his sculpt and I don’t like playing him. But eVlad seems to be just what the Old Witch ordered just from looking at his spells and feat. It should suit my infantry heavy style quite well. Also this model has really grown on me seeing it in person. I was hoping to have him done by tonight’s gaming night, but looks like I’ll be missing it due to another commitment, so eVlad should be done tonight and ready for next week!

eVlad WIP
Better cape and I even like his ridiculous shoulder pads this time.