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Here’s why the site has been so quiet…

So here’s the major distraction that’s been keeping me from the site and from wargaming in general!

Cool Hand Davey boy
Cool Hand Davey boy

As soon as he starts letting his mom and I get some sleep, I’ll be back in full force!  I mean it’s been 3 months already, he’s gotta start sleeping some time right?! Please Davey pleeeease…

In my absence I have been stockpiling games (may not be the wisest decision) so here’s what I got in the pipe:

  • Circle Orboros!  Yeah I technically started these guys right before WMW, but I’ve only gotten like 5 games in with them since I came down with a terrible case of Con Crud…But I’ve added a Mohsar list to them that I’m excited about.
  • Wrath of Kings!  This came out of nowhere!  A bunch of WM regulars went to Templecon and got smitten with the game…and I have a need to be accepted so I joined them.  I have House Shael Han assembled.  I like the game the tiny bit of it I’ve tried…
  • INFINITY! Infinity always looms over me like a technicolor shadow…I received a Haqqislam army in a trade over the Christmas holiday that’s still sitting waiting for some attention and I’ve been stockpiling MDF terrain for the inevitable.  Plus Tohaa has been getting some CRAZY AWESOME models that I can’t wait to add like the Rasail Teams and Igao Unit!
    • Hoping to get over to Certs and his crew for an re-introduction into N3 (and maybe even some WoK or RK) sometime soon (soon meaning sometime in 2015 nowadays)!
  • Zac, if you are reading this: let’s play some Malifaux yo.
  • I just received my copy of Angel Giraldez’s Masterclass book and am working on getting the Joan of Arc model that came with it painted up.  I hope to have a review of the book up soon. The model is typical nu-Infinity, which is to say, it’s very good…