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Creating a Custom Caster for Feat of Service: Spell Draft Time

Following up on the heels of Part 1, it’s time to see how I made out in the spell draft!

Now that I have my chassis and initial 25 points I drafted spells with a group of four that included Plarzoid, Demitra, and Chris.  Check out the rules here if you need a refresher, but the gist of it all is that there is a deck of cards with a spell on each.  You start with 8 and pick 1 and pass the rest on.  Goes around in a circle until there are no cards left.

Let’s just right into the draws shall we?

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Mage is ready to thrown down in the arena!

With the East Coast Rumble coming up this weekend, you’d think I spent my weekend prepping for it. WRONG.

As detailed in a post a bit ago, I’ve recently gotten into playing the board game Mage Wars. Mage Wars is technically a card game at it’s core, but leaving well enough alone is not how I roll. In Mage Wars, you’re able to completely customize your spell book and also your mage with different kinds of equipment.  What does that say to me right away?


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[Slow Grow 2013] My custom Rhyas for the Rearguard

custom Rhyas WIP
custom Rhyas WIP

Just a quick post today.

I present my custom Rhyas conversion for my Rearguard!

I’d say I’m indifferent to the standard Rhyas sculpt.  I don’t hate it, but I also don’t love it.  It’s boring.  Very.  It’s not very ninja-like (or even a proper way to hold your sword at the ready).  What I really wanted I guess is something like this. Or this.  Or even this.  You know…a proper ninja pose.

Enter custom figure.  I found an idea a while back (I wish I had saved the pic) that inspired this conversion, and I’m pretty happy with it.  It’s made from Legion parts so she still looks exactly as she should.  But I feel this captures more movement, as if she’s twirling her sword around and catching someone off-guard.  Like a ninja would.  And you all know how much I like a sense of movement in my miniatures.  If it’s a pose that would look good or be featured in a slow motion cut, I’m there.

Once the green stuff cures, this and the last batch of models and bases are getting primed and thus will end the prepwork for this Journeyman League.  It’s just going to be straight painting for the next month or so. Granted this may be the last [Slow Grow 2013] tagged post for a week or more because until the Swordsmen and UA are painted, their won’t be much interesting progress.

It should without question now, C & C welcome!

[IKRPG] My custom model is 80-ish % done…

IKRPG character Rohan @ about 80% WIP pic
IKRPG character Rohan @ about 80% WIP pic

I’ve posted this pic to the forums and other sites, figured I may as well post it here!

Going off my last post about him, I’m finally started to put paintbrush to model as my giddiness to get him done overcame me.  He’s pretty much done at the moment.  The last remaining items are a custom tattoo I’m going to be doing on the right arm and painting the cloth that hangs at his waist.  I’m not quite sure what color to paint that…My original intent was a darker red, but I also may just do it in the Sanguine that I use throughout the figure to avoid bringing too much color into the model…

We’ll see, but he’s going to definitely be finished and sealed for our next IKRPG night!