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[Cool Stuff] Convergence of Extraordinary Mechanical Gentlemen

I haven’t been on the Privateer Press Forums in months, but today decided to pop back in for a bit.  The parts I hate are even worse now. Blech.

But my fave subforum, the Painting and Modeling section is still pretty good.  Case in point, check out this thread.  The genteel thing has been done before (Faultie’s Gatorfolk come to mind as one of the best examples), but it wasn’t until I came to this picture that my interest was fully piqued:

“Good day Madam, might you spare a few moments for the Maiden of Gears?”

A geniune LOL was had.  Check out the thread.

Creating a Custom Caster for Feat of Service!

Come June 7th, our club is going to have its first annual Feat of Service custom caster/spell draft charity event, all to benefit the Wounded Warriors Project.

You can check out the full rules and what not for the event here, but the coordinator of the event asked a couple of us bloggers to write about our drafting experience and thought process while coming up with the caster we’d be fielding.

I’m one to play things more “in the spirit of” the events, so this isn’t going to be an exercise in how I can game the system to produce the most ball-breaking, busted, broken caster possible.   That’s not really fun to me (or opponents I’m sure).

Let’s see what I came up with!

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[Slow Grow 2013] Custom Rhyas gets some paint!

Custom Rhyas, Everblight's Kunoichi.

My custom Rhyas conversion finally got some paint over the weekend in anticipation of the start of the Journeyman League games this Thursday.

She came out looking a lot more Strider-ish than originally anticipated (although I’d be lying if he wasn’t a source of inspiration).  I may even go back and paint her mask red to match the scarf…we’ll see.  A detail here and there are left, mostly with her scarf tail.  For some reason it’s a much darker red than the rest. Weird.

Related sidenote:  I’ve joined Lost Hemisphere’s Unloved Model Challenge 2013 as I feel Rhyas (and the Rearguard) qualify for it.  Here is my thread.  It contains much of what you see on my blog.  Here are the rules if you are interested.

[IKRPG] My custom model is 80-ish % done…

IKRPG character Rohan @ about 80% WIP pic
IKRPG character Rohan @ about 80% WIP pic

I’ve posted this pic to the forums and other sites, figured I may as well post it here!

Going off my last post about him, I’m finally started to put paintbrush to model as my giddiness to get him done overcame me.  He’s pretty much done at the moment.  The last remaining items are a custom tattoo I’m going to be doing on the right arm and painting the cloth that hangs at his waist.  I’m not quite sure what color to paint that…My original intent was a darker red, but I also may just do it in the Sanguine that I use throughout the figure to avoid bringing too much color into the model…

We’ll see, but he’s going to definitely be finished and sealed for our next IKRPG night!

Cool Stuff: Plarzoid’s Cinerator to Bastion Conversion!

Plazoid's Bastions Conversions!
Plazoid’s Bastions Conversions!

Now here is a seriously cool conversion done by my local PG Plarzoid!

This is super timely in a way for me, in that with deciding to do my extreme eKreoss converion, I picked up a pack of Cinerators super cheap.  Since i only needed one, I figured I’d attempt to make the rest into a min unit of Exemplar Bastions down the line.  Untimely in that our group JUST placed a bits order and now I have to wait for the next one to do it! Wah.

Below are the official studio Bastions as a comparison.  Not too shabby.

Privateer Press Studio Bastions
Privateer Press Studio Bastions

Building an extreme eKreoss, Part 1: The Idea

*Cue epic music with chanting*

It’s no secret that I plan to run an eKreoss theme force,it’s been what I’ve wanted to do from the start with my Menite army.  Knights, giant robots, and crazy girls…swoon!

But the eKreoss model leaves me a little cold. Maybe it’s the size or proportions, I’m not sure.  You look at his art and you can’t help but think “what a badass.”  The fluff goes on about how impressive he is, but then he’s this tiny model on the table :/

So back to the art of eKreoss as my inspiration.  To me it looked like he was dressed in something more akin to Bastion armor rather than normal Exemplar armor, and since I have been painting Cinerators, I got to thinking about a conversion to make a more “epic” epic Kreoss.

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Kayazy Kommando Test Model

Kazazy Kommando (Kayazy Assassin Conversion) test model
Jus' tryin' ta make a point...

Continuing with my painting ADD, I popped out this test model for one of my converted Kayazy Assassins. I went with a more darker scheme than my usual, since they are assassins after all. I still managed to keep the cloak as the red on the inside, white on the outside, that pretty much everything else that has a cloak/cape has on my Khador. That way they are still tied into the rest of my white Khador with that element.

Still a WIP as I still need to do the cloak (2 brush blending time!) and highlighting and additional detailing everywhere else.

I think that I really like this scheme, although it’s more inline with my Zerkova than my Strakhov.

Kayazy Kommandos? Assault Assassins? A WIP Conversion.

Kayazy Kommandos? Assault Assassins?
Who's ugly now?! *shank you very much*

Here’s something that has been in the works for a while but a mixture of not having enough free time lately and missing some tools, have kept me from realizing it.  But no more!

It’s been no secret that I (and many others I’m sure) think that the stock Kayazy Assassins are ugly.  I set forth to rectify that.

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