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Painting table update!

Bane Lord Tarturus - I hate you.

I’ve been up to my eyeballs in commissions lately, so I figured I’d show them here as to give you guys a break from the usually Menoth-centric offerings.

First up is a figure we all love to hate: Bane Lord Tartarus.  This lot is actually for a local player as he gears up for Lock and Load this year, and includes a handful of solos.

I think I’m most proud of how is armor came out.  I think it’s perfectly suited to Cryx’s “I don’t give **** ’bout no tarnish” style.


cryx commissions
A cyborg in Cryx? Who knew?

Darragh Wrathe is also coming out particularly well.

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Filthy Swans…

This is a really cool pic though…

Sigh…I can believe I’m featuring more filthy swans on my blarg…

This time is a couple of commissions/works for my friend Danny, who is also working on getting his Templecon Hardcore list painted (a list I’m sure to see a lot of, the dreaded eHaley/double Stormwall list).

I mentioned in yesterday’s post how we had a night of painting to try and focus us on getting our lists done (with more possible in the future),  but I was also able to help Danny with some airbrushing techniques.  His eHaley hadn’t even been touched yet, languishing as bare metal.  I could not let this stand, ever if it was eHaley…

Danny showed me this picture from the Prime rulebook and told me that is how he wanted his Haley to look.  I thought it would actually be fairly easy to accomplish, so set about to getting it done.

Here’s how she came out.  She is still missing the details and metals, but I’ll leave that to Danny.

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New commission site set up: Rocket Powered Paint Brush!

Rocket Powered Paint Brush!

So I started to do some house keeping on ye olde blog and noticed that while it is still very focused on my painting, it has also expanded to include a variety of other topics (all still pretty related to Warmachine though).  Something I still would like to do however is get into more commission work, mostly as a means of funding my own hobby ideas and intentions.

And with that, I created a new site: Rocket Powered Paint Brush!  It is separate from this site, although the content will mostly also appear on this blog.  I wanted to do this as a means of streamlining the process, so to speak, and keeping that part separate (business-wise) from my nattering here.  This way, if you (or someone you know) is interested in some commission work, you can go there and see the good stuff, rather than shuffle through the various posts on Mini Army, Huge Time Sink.

Here’s that link again!

[Commission] The Stormwall AKA MEGAZORD!!

Paul's Stormwall as Megazord
Paul’s Stormwall as Megazord (WIP)

I’m really jumping around in topics on this blarg aren’t I?

That pretty much echoes real life as I keep jumping around different models and armies in my painting.  But it’s high time this Stormwall took center stage as it is a commission.  Thankfully the owner is away at college at the moment, so he’s not hurting to get it back, which is great because painting a colossal has been a bigger undertaking than I first imagined.

The story behind this paint job is actually pretty cool.  The player is painting up his jacks in the colors of the Power Rangers, so I suggested that his Stormwall should be Megazord.  It was an idea that was too cool to pass up so here I am making it happen.  Below is the pic I’m using as a reference.

One of the original OGs.

The cool thing about it is that I actually get to flex my airbrushing muscle on this guy as my jet black Menoth didn’t really need it.  By my estimates this guy is about 30% done.  He still needs a few basecoats here and there and I haven’t even touched the arms yet…


Commission: Infinity PanO Fusilier Hacker

PanO Fusilier Hacker
The future is so bright…(click for larger pic)

My first paid commission piece! This is a test/try out model for a possible larger order of more Infinity figures (Haqqislam I believe).

The client is mostly concerned with matching his existing models basing and he already has a color scheme set for them.  On this model, I was free to choose a color scheme for the actual model.  I had a harder time with that then I thought…until I took a little inspiration from the card it came with! I missed a line on his pants (easy to take care of) that I can see.

Here is an example of the basing I needed to match.  Do you think I nailed the basing?  Minus the grass tufts which I’ll have on there shortly once I receive them.   Also what do you think of the paint job itself?  I’d really appreciate any and all feedback on this!

The Minuteman Rocketeer!

The Minuteman Rocketeer!
The Minuteman Rocketeer!

Sooo…I’ve been slacking.  Kinda in painting and mostly in updating this here blarg.  It’s been hard to stay motivated for my Khador right now since all I have left are basically 2 units to finish painting and our LGS’ (annual?) slow-grow league is about to start on June 16th.  I’m ready to try out my Menoth.  They’ve been sitting on my shelf since December, so you can see why I’m so antsy.

Anywho…awhile ago I teased my first commission for Paul.  Welp, here it is in all it’s completed glory!  I really like how this guy came out!  Enough yappin’, here’s some pics!

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My first “Commission”: Can you guess what it is?

My first commission!
I’ll give you a hint: It has a torso too.

This is the first model I’ll be doing for someone other than myself!  It feels good, and yet nerve wracking at the same time.

One of our wargaming group, Paul, has a birthday coming up and I noticed he didn’t have any painted models.  I think he’s more of a player plus I believe it’s his 18th birthday coming up, so I understand he probably has more important things on his mind. I offered to help him out and paint a warcaster, because after one of our games he talked about not finding a warcaster that has resonated with him yet, and that is a feeling I can completely relate to.  This was before I went off for my wedding.  When I came back to pick up the model, he had a new acquisition that I just had to paint!

I asked what color scheme he wanted and all he gave me was a “I’ve seen them painted red”.  Oh Paulie, you mustn’t give me such vague directions.  You know I’ll run with it.  Immediately I had a color scheme in mind: Continue reading My first “Commission”: Can you guess what it is?