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One last Judicator WIP shot…

judicator wip2
Almost ready to burninate…

One more quick WIP shot before the finals are revealed sometime this week.

I was really planning/hoping to have the Judicator done last night but work had other ideas and assembly took a little longer that anticipated due to going back and pinning some things.  But I can honestly say that he will be done by the end of the week, I am hoping by tomorrow, so that I can bring him to game night in fully assembled glory, but I may not have the time tonight either to devote to him.

Only things left are his eyes, the tiny rockets in the rocket pods, and I missed the sanguine strips on the forearm shields.  Oh and I completely forgot about his flamethrowers.  But overall, these are small things that won’t take much time  This list is mostly here so that I don’t forget to do them.

As always, C & C are appreciated.


So.much.gold…Progress of the Judicator continues…

Menoth Judicator.jpg

Work continues on my Judicator in preparation for Templecon. It’s a definite centerpiece model and a part of my Hardcore list, so it needs to be done by then…

I’ve painted one before as a commission for another player so mine, although it is in a different scheme, is going by relatively quickly. What you see is the product of two days of work. If I keep up at this clip, getting it done with time to spare so I won’t have to stress so much on my other stuff is possible.

How is it on table you may wonder? Well so far I’ve only used it with pSev, but it does not disappoint. No frills is the way I would describe it. It doesn’t do or have a lot of the cool crap that the other colossals/gargantuans have, but it is effective in its simplicity.

Well enough blogging for tonight, there’s more gold to be painted…

[Commission] The Stormwall AKA MEGAZORD!!

Paul's Stormwall as Megazord
Paul’s Stormwall as Megazord (WIP)

I’m really jumping around in topics on this blarg aren’t I?

That pretty much echoes real life as I keep jumping around different models and armies in my painting.  But it’s high time this Stormwall took center stage as it is a commission.  Thankfully the owner is away at college at the moment, so he’s not hurting to get it back, which is great because painting a colossal has been a bigger undertaking than I first imagined.

The story behind this paint job is actually pretty cool.  The player is painting up his jacks in the colors of the Power Rangers, so I suggested that his Stormwall should be Megazord.  It was an idea that was too cool to pass up so here I am making it happen.  Below is the pic I’m using as a reference.

One of the original OGs.

The cool thing about it is that I actually get to flex my airbrushing muscle on this guy as my jet black Menoth didn’t really need it.  By my estimates this guy is about 30% done.  He still needs a few basecoats here and there and I haven’t even touched the arms yet…


More Judicator pics (Hi-Res, clearer AND fully assembled pics)!


Found some more pics of the Judicator over at Geekly’s Foray in Tabletop blog.  Head on over to check them out!

My thoughts on the Judicator now that we see him (nearly) complete?  Still awesome!  I can’t wait to put him on the table with my Menites!  I think a giant black knight walking cathedral will certainly look intimidating on the table!  I think the arms are a little disproportionate to the rest of the body, but it’s a small nitpick that to me, doesn’t detract from the model too much.

Praise Menoth! Judicator Spy Pic! It’s real & getting painted at Gen Con [PIC]

Judicator Spy Pic - One sexy Mutha...
Judicator Spy Pic – One sexy Mutha…

The post heading says it all really.  Here is a picture of the (oh so sexy) Judicator being painted at Gen Con this weekend!  I CAN NOT wait to see it fully assembled!

Actually I can’t wait to have one in my hands. eFeora will have a new homie when it comes out.

Cool Stuff: kommander_redfinger’s Awesome Fort Falk Stormwall!

Mmmm…so sublime.


Is there really anything more you can say when you see this Stormwall?

Painted up by kommander_redfinger on the PP forums, this Stormwall may be one of the most realistic looking miniatures I’ve ever seen.

There’s really not much more to say other than letting the pics speak for themselves, so check out the thread here for more pics!