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This next song goes out to the warjacks in the front!

Choir of Menoth: Allow me to sing you the song of my people.
Let me sing you the song of my people.

The Slow Grow/Journeyman League painting madness continues!  This time with, what I am sure will be a unit that sees a lot of tabletop time, the Choir of Menoth!

I had a lot of fun painting these guys and they went pretty quickly as well.  I especially like the leader sculpt and the way the scrolls on the grunts came out.

Also, these guy’s are going to be my submission for Lost Hemisphere‘s July Paint the Target with the theme being models with Reach this month.

What’s next on deck?  A Vanquisher for sure to fill out my first 15 points.  Then possibly Cinerators because I really like those models or eFeora.  Which reminds me…I forgot to post Kreoss, the Crusader, Repenter, and Avatar I have done. I’ll get on that…