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Ski’s IKRPG Character Sheet Generator pretty much does the heavy lifting for you! Check it out! [UPDATED]

Created using Ski's IKRPG character generator!
Here’s a sample sheet I generated for another character I’m working on (more posts regarding him incoming).

EDIT 7/9/2014: The sheet is being maintained here now!

And the good IKRPG stuff keeps coming!  Forum member ski_anderson has created this excel character generator for the IKRPG and it.is.FAN-friggin-TASTIC!

It’s so simple to use!  You just open the file in Excel, select a few dropboxes to make your choices and it generates a character sheet for you!  Granted some of the spell and ability descriptions are missing, as well as item costs, but seriously there is so much stuff in this thing I’m sure no one can complain about having to do a little bit of looking up.

The Iron Kingdoms just got that much easier to jump into.  Download it here.