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[Relic Knights] Leopold Magnus & Static

Following on the heels of last post as promised, here is the first Relic Knights’ pair of models: Leopold Magnus and Static!

mags 2

Magnus is a Questing Knight (sort of like a junior Knight) for the Black Diamond faction and Static is his Cypher. I haven’t got a game in yet, but just by looking at his abilities, he seems to be geared towards Control type tactics with Esper stealing and knockback abilities.  Also I’m not quite sure what he is?  A robot?  Alien in a suit? So I’ll just put what’s on the back of the box:

Leopold Magnus spearheads Black Diamond’s research and development.  Naturally the best place to test his fiendish creations is on the field of battle.

While I’m not really super proud of the paintjob (it’s pretty much a tabletop speed job special), I do really like how his cape came out:

Crappy picture is still crappy though.
Crappy picture is still crappy though.

The bases also came out really good and they are the kickstarter extras that were included.  It also gave me a chance to break out my Secret Weapon pigments! I also think that the bases are a better plastic that the actual models!  Jeez, I really hate the type of plastic used on the models (same can be said about Privateer Press plastics too)…

Sigh...I need a light box...
Sigh…I need a light box…

The rest of the starter box models are incoming! Just as soon as I figure out a paint scheme, although I’m leaning towards making them all purple to match Mags here.  Kinda like his personal guard…

[Relic Knights] Black Diamond Starter Unboxing

Ah Relic Knights…the kickstarter many thought would never arrive…

Many of our locals that went into in have begun to actually recieve their rewards!  One of those locals is Plarzoid, which means by extension, ME!

I jumped onto Plarz’ pledge (does one man really need four factions?), picking Black Diamond as my faction of choice. I didn’t really go as over board as some of our folks, only adding a box of Black Dragons to my order.  But we’ll get there. First let’s start with want comes in the new Starter box Soda Pop Miniatures has made for the game…

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And now for something completely different: Relic Knight demo impressions…

One Shot
Cards, minis, and a campy anime vibe. What’s not to love?!
Edit: Oops, this post wasn’t supposed to go live until tomorrow.  Planning ahead fail.  Oh well, enjoy!

Last Thursday whilst recovering from my post Nova Open/Journeyman League Warmachine fatigue, another local, Hawk, and I played a (proxied) demo game of Relic Knights.

Yes, Relic Knights, that game with the infamous kickstarter (it was getting almost as crazy as the Reaper one with the amount of stuff they kept adding!).  A lot of our local players jumped into it, which is great as we should have a decent pool of players to pull from once the models arrive.  I jumped in with Plarzoid to pick up the Black Diamond faction for myself.

Anyway, what did I think of the game and how does it work?  Read on and I’ll try my best to explain…

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And now for something completely different: Relic Knights!

So this Relic Knights kickstarter has been the talk of our gaming group lately, and also of a great many of the blogging community that I follow.

I came across some of the Relic Knight models awhile ago and thought they were cool (they have a few at the store I play at) but I thought they were just like pin-up statue type things.  Now there is a game around it and a lot of our guys are excited about it.  It’s the kind of hype I’ve been looking for Infinity around here.

Well, their Kickstarter is only a few days from being over now and the amount of stuff you can get is amazing!  I’m getting together with Plarzoid and splitting one of the packs. I think it’s better to get two people 1 starter each so you have 2 players, rather than 1 player with 2 factions :).

Which faction am I going with?

I’ve decided to go with the Black Diamond.  The reasoning is that they look like a shooty faction.  Thus it would actually be different from all the melee centric Warmachine (and the Legion Rearguard I got brewin’) armies I tend to play.  Speaking of the other factions I was considering: Since Menoth has become my main squeeze, that automatically DQ’ed the paladin faction for me.  The Noh were actually my second choice however, because the models are really cool, but with the Rearguard list I’ve got in the queue, it’s almost the same idea (ninjas and Onis).  The pirates were the third choice, but I like some models but hate the others.  The other two factions I just don’t like enough of the models enough to field them.

I’m still debating getting the big Diamondback Armor.  It’s really awesome, but I’m worried about spending a lot on a game I’m not 100% I’ll like, know what I mean?

Very happy with my my faction choice.
Very happy with my my faction choice. Still debating that Diamondback armor though…

You can check out more faction shots here.  Anyone else getting into this? What do you plan on running?

Where’s the NoVA Open coverage and other posts?!

Sorry I haven’t reported much yet, I guess I’m still recoving from all the warmachinin’ over the weekend, and the Journeyman League that is ending this Sunday (I’m currently third in all three categories (games, hobby, total points), my best league showing yet), which has caused me to burn out on painting for a bit…more updates are coming I promise.