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Quick Base Pic & Tutorial!

The last post didn’t really show off the base inserts that came with the Kickstarter so here’s a better shot.

Quick, fast, and easy. Also not too bad on the eyes if I say so myself...
Quick, fast, and easy. Also not too bad on the eyes if I say so myself…

These were very easy to paint:

  1. Basecoat in VMA Gungrey
  2. I washed various parts in different washes, all from Secret Weapon. I used Dark Sepia, Blue, Yellow Snow, Green, Armor Wash, and Amethyst.  Don’t wash the entire model in the same wash, vary when you place the different colors.
  3. Drybrush VGC Silver.
  4. Finally I dusted Earth pigments all of them, again from Secret Weapon, this time their Dry Earth Pigment kit.  I affixed the pigments with 93% alcohol (the highest % my corner drugstore sold).  Basically, you let a brush soak it up and then just let it flow all of the base.  It’ll dry in about an hour or so.
  5. Finished them off by painting the lips black.  I went back and forth on whether to keep the purple bases, but ultimately felt the black lips made the rest of it ‘pop’ more.

[Slow Grow 2013] Slow, slow progress…

Legion Swordsmen WIP
You won’t slow me down this year!

Last night I finally got some more progress on painting my Legion.  Lately its been all prep work which is easily my least favorite part of the hobby.

I was able to prime Typhon (the most annoying model ever to assemble), some remaining Warspears and loose models, and the rest of my bases I picked up from Secret Weapon (more on those in a bit).

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How to: Make snow bases!

Let it snow.

And now for a very special holiday themed how-to article!

Ahhhh…snow.  Love it or hate it in real life, snow can really help make your miniatures stand out.  Something about the white being such a strong contrast to the other colors on the miniature.  Also we are basing our miniatures aren’t we?  We all know painted minis play better, so it stands to reason that well based minis should play even better right?

There are just tons and tons of methods out there on making snow bases and the results are about as varied as you could get.  You can get looks from the solid and globby that looks like fresh Elmer’s glue to the “partially melted” slushie-type look.

As you may already be aware of, my Khador just so happen to be slogging it through the white stuff, so read on and I’ll walk you through how I achieved my particular snow bases!

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How to: Base your models

Basing your models I think really ties them together and gives them that extra little bit.  When I was thinking about getting into miniatures, I was like “pffft…I’m not going to mess with that.”  But now I can’t see a model finished without some kind of base.

I’ve been on the Privateer Press forums for a bit and probably my favorite sub-forum is the Miniatures Painting and Modeling section.  I love seeing other people’s models and getting ideas or inspiration.  One of my favorite armies on there (even though it’s Cygnar) is this one  by forum user Arithon1.  His models are just drool-inducing. Here’s proof:

Thunderhead and Nemo by Arithon1
Thunderhead and Nemo by Arithon1

Well on the blog, Just the Bases, he has written a tutorial on how he does his bases.  Check it out!  His thread is what inspired me to try it out on my Strakhov, Torch, and Butcher.