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Kayazy Kommando Test Model

Kazazy Kommando (Kayazy Assassin Conversion) test model
Jus' tryin' ta make a point...

Continuing with my painting ADD, I popped out this test model for one of my converted Kayazy Assassins. I went with a more darker scheme than my usual, since they are assassins after all. I still managed to keep the cloak as the red on the inside, white on the outside, that pretty much everything else that has a cloak/cape has on my Khador. That way they are still tied into the rest of my white Khador with that element.

Still a WIP as I still need to do the cloak (2 brush blending time!) and highlighting and additional detailing everywhere else.

I think that I really like this scheme, although it’s more inline with my Zerkova than my Strakhov.

Kayazy Kommandos? Assault Assassins? A WIP Conversion.

Kayazy Kommandos? Assault Assassins?
Who's ugly now?! *shank you very much*

Here’s something that has been in the works for a while but a mixture of not having enough free time lately and missing some tools, have kept me from realizing it.  But no more!

It’s been no secret that I (and many others I’m sure) think that the stock Kayazy Assassins are ugly.  I set forth to rectify that.

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