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Arena Rex Unboxing!

Well ain’t this a curve ball?

After talking about all the games I’ve been stockpiling the other day, guess what showed up on my doorstep?

arena rex ks pledge
arena rex ks pledge

Let’s have a look inside shall we?

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[Arena Rex] Let’s check in on Arena Rex…

Since we last left Arena Rex, I was contemplating backing their kickstarter…I’m glad I did because while the game is late (more the norm with kickstarter rather than the exception), Red Republic Games has been doing everything right in my book in terms of communications and quality.  Check out these amazing latest sculpts!

They’ve also relaunched their website today with an art gallery to showcase their amazing artwork (the first thing that drew me to the game) and sculpts!  This one is getting really hard to wait for!

Sigh…Another Kickstarter has grabbed my attention: Arena Rex!

Well, I say another like I’ve dumped loads of cash into tons of Kickstarter projects, when in actuality I’ve only done one (Relic Knights) so far and I’m splitting the basic bundle deal they did with someone.  Anyway, here is another new game that has really caught my attention lately: Arena Rex.

I am super in love with the art and what I’ve read about the gameplay.  It really seems like a quick skirmish game that would be a nice diversion for me.  I also love damn near all of the characters revealed so far, a rare feat for miniature games in regards to me, so that’s another point in its favor.  They only have one mini ready (Aquila) but gdaybloke previewed it and also I found this paint article on it and it looks pretty ace.

Be sure to check it out in the links above!

EDIT: They just released a gameplay video, yup this sealed the deal for me, I’m going in: