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First Cinerator done & Slow Grow Painting Schedule

The Burninator.
The Burninator.

Here’s the first of five Cinerators.  I really love these models.  And sorry for the kinda bad picture, the lighting is not what it should be at my place :/

I’m hoping to have the other four done by the weekend which will bring up to 25 points easily.

Points: 25/25
High Exemplar Kreoss (*5pts)
* Repenter (4pts)
* Crusader (6pts)
* Vanquisher (8pts)
Choir of Menoth (Leader and 3 Grunts) (2pts)
Exemplar Cinerators (Leader and 4 Grunts) (8pts)
Vassal of Menoth (2pts)

This at least buys me a 6 week buffer (2 weeks @ battlebox games, 2 weeks @ 15 points, 2 weeks @ 25 points) since everything we play with is supposed to be painted. Then I can focus on the other Exemplar models in my queue, of which there are 24 + 1 Seneschal and Warcaster.  Oh and all the Daughters of the Flame models, of which there are 12 + 1 solo and warcaster.

I’ve noticed I have a low tolerance for painting units.  It seems like any more than four and I begin to hate them and they end up a sloppy mess.  Or unfinished (hello Iron Fang Pikemen).  I really want to avoid that with my Menites, so I think I will handle them with this recipe (hopefully for success):

  • 2-3 Exemplar.
  • 2-3 Daughters.
  • Repeat.
  • Sprinkle in a remaining warjack or warcaster as palette cleanser.

Handling it this way will take care of the two units of Knights Exemplar and Daughters of the Flame.  But that leaves 12 models of Exemplar Errants.  For those I’m going to try to the same thing but every third, squeeze in a solo that I have left, which is the Covenant, Vilmon, and a Paladin.  That should carry me through them.

Harbringer is last.  I really want to take my time on her.  She’s a definite centerpiece model, ever since I laid my eyes on her.


When the internet goes on strike, a warjack get painted…

Khador Heavy (WIP)

I’m sure you were aware of the Internet black-out protest thing in regards to SOPA/PIPA yesterday.  WordPress participated and so did this site, seeing how I (and many blogs in general) I link to copyrighted material all the time.

But this site is about miniatures not about some high horse, so let’s talk miniatures!  With a lot of my distractions gone yesterday (lovely!), I finally got some work done on the other Khador Heavy Omni-jack that’s been sitting in pieces waiting for paint and glue.  Seriously, it irks me seeing my miniatures in pieces laying about. I’d much rather have them assembled so I can display and use them! And just like that…MOTIVATION FOUND!

This guy is about 75% done I’d say.  All that is left is detail work, you know, picking out rivets (so many rivets), the spikes, some detailing on his exhaust pipes (think I’m going to try what I did on my MoW test models exhaust pipe again), that sort of stuff.  One night’s work left probably. I’m also thinking of attempting freehand again, but I’m not sure what to name this guy…Anyone have any ideas of a good Khadoran name for a warjack?

Overall, I’m very happy with the way his scheme came together.  Much better than the original omni-jack.  This guy is being based off of the color layout of Torch.  I’ll have some comparison shots of the two omni-jacks in the final post of this guy.  Now his arms are a different story.  I have a pair of each kind of Khador heavy armament to paint.

Hopefully to give this guy a try with a three ‘jack pVlad game tonight!

And now for something a little different…Repenter WIP

Menoth Repenter Light Warjack (WIP)
Menoth Repenter Light Warjack (WIP)

Waitaminute?!  What be dis?!

I put my Khador aside for a moment so I could take a stab at my Menoth stuff.  All the white was starting to drive me a little crazy…

Ever since I prepped and primed all my models a couple of weeks back, I’ve been chomping at the bit to try out the scheme I had in my head for the Menites.  So I’ll have predominate white Khaodr and predominate black Menoth.  This model also represents a couple other firsts for me beside being my first Menoth figure.  It’s my first light warjack, my first time using black primer (I had been using white for my Khador go figure), and my first time using a palette.   So far, one of the top critiques I’ve gotten is that my paints looks thick, so I am hoping with the use of this palette and trying to officially water down my paints, I can alleviate that.

He still has a ways to go (you can see all the blue tac), but I hope to enter this guy in Lost Hemisphere’s December Paint the Target (target is non-humans) and Vox Populi.  I still have more coats of gold to do and the jewels will end up being blue, which should be a nice contrast to all the dark colors.

Menoth light warjack Repenter
Menoth light warjack Repenter (WIP) from the back. Sorry the pictures aren't the best...

It was also my first with trying drybrushing.  I really don’t have that down.  I wanted to do it for the bases because all of the Menites are going to have a simple desert base.  I am really not happy with it.  It any of you have any pointers in that area, please let me know.  Here is what I did:

I used Elmer’s glue and some dirt/gravel and then primed with Krylon black primer.  Then I used P3 paints.  I base coated with Bloodstone and then (attempted) to drybrush Menoth base over it.  I think maybe I still had a lot on paint on the brush, but I had brushed it all off on a paper towel until it didn’t have much on it.

desert base attempt...
Desert base attempt...Bloodstone >> drybrush Menoth base

How to: Fix those bent plastics!


So you got that new 2 player battlebox huh?  Yelp, if yours is like mine, then you got more than a few bent plastic pieces.   Pretty much your Cinerator swords and Shocktrooper halberds, right?

Well don’t fret! Plarzoid comes to the rescue with a easy to follow tutorial to get your guys back on the straight and narrow.
Because seriously, who’s scared of a giant knight with a floppy sword?

What’s next on the chopping block?

Butcher could still kill you with no arms.

See what I did there? Chopping block…picture of the Butcher…ehhh, you don’t know funny.

This is just a preview of sorts of what I’m working on.  Butcher was just an exercise in trying a new basing technique, the “junk pile”.  I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out and the massive headache it was not, so I’ll be doing this one more often for my minis.  I think it gives it that “oomph,” you know what I mean? That extra little bit to make it look better.

The slow grow’s 15 point weeks are winding down and I have a lot of catching up to do in terms of painting. It’s safe to say I’m pretty behind in this league due to the delay in getting my stuff.  But oh well, I like playing with painted models and I’ll be glad to be able to quit proxying or subbing plain base discs as my models.

Next up is the Wardog and another warjack, this time Torch. The other warjack that I got in the 2 player box is going to get the magnetized treatment, while Torch and Beast 09 will not be. I think two “omni” ‘jacks should be enough, plus I have some cool pose ideas for the character ‘jacks.


Hold my calls! Clear my calendar!

2P box y mas!


Well look who finally decided to show up! My 2 player battle box and much more! I also got some stuff in a trade in today! All on the same day! Is it Christmas? My birthday?

It’s pretty safe to say, this site should now start rocking, since I have things to actually make updates on! My Khador force is growing quite rapidly. It’s nice to have options now when I play and I have enough for some very steady updates…

Not the best picture but my excitement made it hard. Not that way jeez...

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I think I may have a problem…

Been a slow day, so I’ve been thinking about what to do with the other half of my 2P battle box when it comes in.  The Khador side as you know is spoken for and done, but what to do with the Menoth side?

So I took a trip to battlecollege and started browsing.  Here’s what I came up with…

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Holy crap I can’t wait!

Hand Cannon Online has an unboxing of the 2 player battlebox coming out on Sept. 28th (the very one I ordered).

The slow grow league is starting up this Saturday, and I believe there are around 15-17 players entered into it, spread out pretty evenly across the various factions. There are only two other Khador players, one a pButcher, the other Harkevich.  I’ll take some pics and bring news of what goes down, although the real meat of this site won’t come until I receive this box (and all the other units I have ordered with it). So please just sit tight.

Also, new look to the site. You like? Hey content is content.