Slow Grow League

As luck would have it, there is going to be a Slow Grow League in my area starting on September 10th. Slow grow leagues are for newbies such as myself and are meant to help you learn the game and get you painting.  You get points for playing games, winning and painting. At the end of this league they will be awarding prizes. Pretty damn excited about it.

The first games are battlebox levels, so 9-11 point games. In two weeks it’ll go to 15 points and so on until we reach 35 point games.  I’ll be running Kommander Strakhov as my warcaster, with a Juggernaut and a Decimator for a 10 point list.

But why this list?

Kommander Strakhov (PP Official Model)
Kommander Strakhov (PP Official Model)

Strakhov is the coolest looking Khador warcaster to me, I just also happen to like his set of skills and feat. He is all about movement, either enhancing it or hindering.  Khador is notoriously slow.  See where I’m going with this? He is also a more front line caster, with a decent range of attacks and stats and I tend to play aggressively, so another point him. Plus, if you read any of the stories from the books (the “fluff”), the guy is just an all around badass, always cool, calm, collected and with a (dark and dry)sense of humor.

Juggernaut (Privateer Press Official Model)
Juggernaut (Privateer Press Official Model)

Ah, the Juggernaut. This is the model that got me into the game. All Khador lists start with a Juggernaut right?  The Juggernaut is the all around workhorse and beatstick of the Khador army and Strakhov will help him get his massive ax to face quicker.

Now I could have went Marauder or Destroyer instead of Decimator.  Personally the Marauder model and skills do nothing for me. I’ve used the Destroyer before (it being the other workhorse of Khador) but I always leave it to the back lines so that it can fire it’s cannon and I don’t feel as if I capitalize enough on it. It’s woefully inaccurate and the AOE isn’t really that helpful at this level unless they keep their warcaster really close to their warjacks. The Decimator has a cannon for single targets so I still have a range option, plus it has a higher Rate of Fire than the Destroyer (2 instead of 1), but that’s not why I brought him along.  See, he has a massive ripsaw for the other arm that has a sustained attack. If I can get him into a warjack’s, or even better their warcaster’s, face, I’m pretty much wrecking it. Now if only I had a means of getting him there after I’ve been using him to soften them up at range…Maybe Strakhov’s feat turn…

Decimator (Privateer Press Official Model)
Decimator (Privateer Press Official Model)

Oh yes, Saturday will be fun. Unless I lose…Okay okay, it’ll still be fun.

Now for the bad news. I have 35 points of Khador coming to me, but it won’t get here until the end of September. Hopefully I can proxy (mooch) some units until then…

Khador Heavy Warjack (Tukinosk)

This is the first miniature I have ever done. I decided to get a Khador Heavy Warjack to practice on. One, because it was the model that turned me on to the game. Two, because I planned on rolling Khador if I played and it gave me options, and three, because the warjack was probably easier to start out on than a unit of miniatures due to the size.

I received my warjack  and some paints in the mail and do some searching online for best practices and things like that. Like I said, the kit gives you options and I wanted to find the best way to utilize that. In this case, one kit will let you create four different warjack configurations (Khador only uses one chassis for their warjacks). I found several articles online about magnetizing the warjack so you could swap out the parts you needed or wanted to play.

Fourteen rare earth magnets later, I ended up magnetizing the arms and hands. I decided to just stick on the Juggernaut head as it was my favorite of the four and because it would have been a bitch to magnetize (and later keep track of).  I also just glued the waist and legs for stability and added tabletop toughness. With the next two warjacks I have coming in the 2 player kit, I plan on converting one permanently to Torch and the other I will magnetize the same way, but he’ll have a more dynamic pose. Below is the kit assembled and with all the bits.

14 Magnets


The typical (canon) Khador scheme is Red. Lots of red.  That’s cool, I love red. Had red not been the default color (and the color most people paint their Khador), I would have painted mine mostly red as well. They are also very much influenced by WWII Russia and Eastern Europe. With their homeland being a very cold, harsh and unforgiving place, I decided to use that as inspiration for my personal scheme. I am also running Strakhov as my primary warcaster, and as he is the Black Ops kommander of Khador, I came up with the idea that he would strike at any foes using the snow-covered lands as his camouflage. Finally I drew some inspiration from a different source, Game of Thrones. My fiancée and her family are big into the series and I also enjoy the HBO series (purists put down your pitchforks, I would have read the books had I not gotten into this hobby instead). In that series, there are mythical creatures beyond the Wall called the “Others” or “White Walkers”.  This appealed to me as I envisioned a sort of rapid strike force that befell the enemy like an avalanche at a moment’s notice.  Also the mythical part plays into Strakhov’s fluff (the story bits).  His black op exploits have made him feared throughout the Iron Kingdoms.

So I present to you the 616th, Kommander Strakhov’s “White Walkers”! Aaaaaand away we go (after the jump)!

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Why Warmachine?

Welcome to my plog documenting my journey through painting miniatures and most things related to them (playing, etc.)

Well, first you may be wondering what exactly is Warmachine? The makers, Privateer Press, say it best:

“In WARMACHINE, the very earth shakes during fierce confrontations of Armageddon-like proportions. Six-ton constructs of tempered iron and steel slam into one another with the destructive force of a locomotive. Lead-spewing cannons chew through armor plating as easily as flesh. And a tempest of arcane magics sets the battlefield ablaze with such that the gods themselves fear to tread the tormented ground.
Victory shall favor the bold! So bring it on—if you’ve got the metal.
WARMACHINE is a fast-paced and aggressive 30mm tabletop miniatures battle game set in the steam-powered fantasy world of the Iron Kingdoms. Players take on the role of elite soldier-sorcerers known as warcasters. Though warcasters are formidable combatants on their own, their true strength lies in their magical ability to control and coordinate mighty warjacks—massive steam-powered combat automatons that are the pinnacle of military might in the Iron Kingdoms. Players collect, assemble, and paint fantastically detailed models representing the varied warriors, machines, and creatures in their armies. This is steam-powered miniatures combat, and your tabletop will never be the same!”

I guess I’ll should start with how I got into miniatures, and more specifically Warmachine. I am and  not very new to the whole tabletop war-gaming scene. Let me explain what I mean. Video games and comics were always my nerd outlets.  But I have had a fascination with the grim dark Warhammer 40K universe for a quite some time now. I would read the various wikis about it when I was bored, I’ve owned just about all of the Dawn of War games, even did a stint in Warhammer Online. But I never got into the tabletop game that inspired it all. I dunno, maybe it was the costs, or the fact I didn’t see them in stores that often.

Fast forward many years…

While surfing the ol’ interwebz one fine day, I came upon some pictures of a Khador Juggernaut and I’m thinking, “Damn, that looks badass.”  I do some more digging and find out it’s from Warmachine from Privateer Press.  When I saw it was a tabletop game, I was about to write it off and move on. Then I found the Battle College. It had pics and info on all of the units from Warmachine. Well crap. There went a good chunk of my day. So now I’m lurking on the forums and I’m blown away by the creativity and sheer awesomeness of a lot of people’s personal units. Now I’m thinking maybe I want to look into this for myself…

I happened upon a link concerning DC metro stores and events and I decide to chime in. Nothing big. Hi, I’m new. Never played, interested, blah blah…man, I was overwhelmed by the positive response. Invitations to google groups from players in the area flew in and the local Press Ganger, (forum name) Plarzoid, invited me down to Game Parlour in Chantilly for a demo game.

I checked out the game and met a lot of other players. The game itself was actually pretty fun too. Everyone there was also very friendly; discussing factions, showing me their models, and so on. I was hooked in. Luckily for me (not my wallet), Privateer Press was about to release a 2 player starter kit specifically geared towards people like me. The two factions it included were even the ones I was thinking of playing as…

But time you enjoy wasting, is not wasted time…