Ruminations on the Protectorate and me…

Awhile ago, I decided to dive off the deep end and repaint my Menoth

…but that hasn’t quite come to fruition.  Why?  A variety of reasons really.  Not happy with the scheme or it’s execution were among the top because if I am going to dive off that cliff, I want to be 100% I like the end result.

But if I have to be honest with myself, the biggest reason is excitement. Or lack there of.

Prepare for a bit more text than usual….

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Hobby Tutorial: Quick and Cheap Homemade Wet Palette

I’ve been using a wet palette for a few years and I recommend them to anyone looking to get great results on their miniatures! Thin paints are key!

Guslado's Games

Wet Palette 06

When I started taking miniature painting seriously, I asked the good painters I saw what their number one recommendation is for someone to improve their painting. Invariably they said, “Thin your paints!” This is because not only does this make the paints go on smoother than if you used them straight from the pot, it reduces the appearance of brush strokes, and most importantly it takes advantage of the translucent quality of the acrylic paints we use as miniature painters; briefly what this means is that if you properly thin your paint the layer beneath your top layer will show through some where the top layer is thinner, giving you a smother blending of layers.

The addition of that simple technique to my painting arsenal stepped up my painting game immensely, but the one issue I ran into with working with thinned paints is that, like all paints, they gradually…

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Hobby Tutorial: How to Make a (nearly) Free Photo Studio for Your Painted Miniatures!

You painted those models up super nice, make sure they have the pictures to show them off! (yes, I’m guilty of the grainy phone picture myself…)

Guslado's Games

Photo Box 14

I have been working on improving the quality of photos I take of my miniatures for a while and have found a great method used by “the pros” that most any hobbyist can pull off at home for a nearly no cost at all. That method is using a photography light diffusion box and I am going to teach you how to build one using items you probably have around your house (and if you don’t, they are rather inexpensive to procure).

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Here’s why the site has been so quiet…

So here’s the major distraction that’s been keeping me from the site and from wargaming in general!

Cool Hand Davey boy
Cool Hand Davey boy

As soon as he starts letting his mom and I get some sleep, I’ll be back in full force!  I mean it’s been 3 months already, he’s gotta start sleeping some time right?! Please Davey pleeeease…

In my absence I have been stockpiling games (may not be the wisest decision) so here’s what I got in the pipe:

  • Circle Orboros!  Yeah I technically started these guys right before WMW, but I’ve only gotten like 5 games in with them since I came down with a terrible case of Con Crud…But I’ve added a Mohsar list to them that I’m excited about.
  • Wrath of Kings!  This came out of nowhere!  A bunch of WM regulars went to Templecon and got smitten with the game…and I have a need to be accepted so I joined them.  I have House Shael Han assembled.  I like the game the tiny bit of it I’ve tried…
  • INFINITY! Infinity always looms over me like a technicolor shadow…I received a Haqqislam army in a trade over the Christmas holiday that’s still sitting waiting for some attention and I’ve been stockpiling MDF terrain for the inevitable.  Plus Tohaa has been getting some CRAZY AWESOME models that I can’t wait to add like the Rasail Teams and Igao Unit!
    • Hoping to get over to Certs and his crew for an re-introduction into N3 (and maybe even some WoK or RK) sometime soon (soon meaning sometime in 2015 nowadays)!
  • Zac, if you are reading this: let’s play some Malifaux yo.
  • I just received my copy of Angel Giraldez’s Masterclass book and am working on getting the Joan of Arc model that came with it painted up.  I hope to have a review of the book up soon. The model is typical nu-Infinity, which is to say, it’s very good…

Holy Rusted Metal!

Great tutorial for rusted metal bases!


Metal is hard to maintain. It get’s gritty, looses it’s luster, accumulates rust and eventually falls apart but that’s why we love it. It grows character with age. In this post I’ll cover my technique for painting my favorite of all metals, the rusted kind. Come sit, and paint with me.

Rust1Firstly, I designed these 55mm bases for use on some of my Infinity models. By using sheets of platicard, corrugated cardboard, aluminum wire, and even a BIC pen, I was able to create an industrial look. I highly recommend trying this project out to any hobbyist. Just go nuts and have fun.

Rust2Once the bases were built I spray painted them using Army Painter’s Platemail Metal. It’s not the best surface to paint on being that it’s so glossy, so I also sprayed a coat of clear matte varnish over it.

Rust3Next is a heavy wash of P3’s Battledress Green. I like to mix in a little bit…

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[Infinity] Getting ready for N3

EDIT: Weird, no idea why this one published all of the sudden on 3/9? It’s from 11/18…oh well…

As alluded to in one of my latest posts, next year I was planning to (in addition to learning fatherhood) start playing more Infinity. Especially with 3rd edition coming out and seemingly fixing a lot of the quibbles I currently have.

Weeelp…I’m one step closer to that.  I went ahead and pre-ordered the N3 rulebook.

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But time you enjoy wasting, is not wasted time…