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Oil Washes: Trials, Tribulations, Results

In my quest to better my painting, I have been watching a lot of painting videos online to glean whatever nuggets of knowledge I can.  My quest for 2013 is to attempt many of these techniques that I guess could be considered “intermediate” or “advanced”.

First up: Oil Washes

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Cool Stuff: Wet Palettes – how to make one, how to do faces with one

What a title…

I found some great tutorials on Hand Cannon Online concerning wet palettes.  I recently bought the P3 wet palette (back in February actually) and I feel it has been a great boon to my painting.  Prior I was a straight from the pot painter and I feel like my paints were never thin enough.  I also felt I was making a mess doing this method.  Once I got my wet palette, all that went away.  I also feel like I am faster now with it too.

Since figuring out my wet palette, I feel I have cranked out the better models I have painted (Butcher, Zerkova, Nyss Hunters) and now the guys over at Hand Cannon have you covered on how to make your own and how to use it!

wet palettes
…size doesn’t matter…

A Beginner’s Guide to Wet Palettes – Build your own

The second link I have for you is concerning painting faces.  Arguably the hardest part of painting miniatures (ARRRRGGH EYES), this is an easy to follow guide sure to help out.  It sure beats my basecoat, wash and pray method I currently employ…

Looking good!
Looking good!

A Beginner’s Guide to Wet Palattes – Painting Faces

Cool Stuff: Sweet Video Tutorials by SchnauzerFace!

SchnauzerFace‘s awesome paint work is now availible in an easy to digest video tutorial form!

I’m a big fan of SchnauzerFace’s work, who’s also very active on the Privateer Press Forums.  I think he mentioned that he’s new to miniature painting somewhere, but you’d really never know that by looking at his stuff. I mean, just look at his Trollbloods War Wagon!

You can find more on his channel here, and be sure to subscribe, like, love, tweet, and whatever other things it is that people do with Youtube videos. I know I’m looking forward to more.

He’s just keeps pushing me towards getting an airbrush…

Found my new proxyin’ tool: Vassal!

Warmachine on Vassal
Warmachine on Vassal

Recently I came across Vassal.  Well, in actuality I’ve known about it for some time.  Let’s say I re-found it.  When I tried it the first time months back, the interface and trying to figure it out overwhelmed me.  But lately I decided to give it another go and was pleasantly surprised by it.

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How to: Make snow bases!

Let it snow.

And now for a very special holiday themed how-to article!

Ahhhh…snow.  Love it or hate it in real life, snow can really help make your miniatures stand out.  Something about the white being such a strong contrast to the other colors on the miniature.  Also we are basing our miniatures aren’t we?  We all know painted minis play better, so it stands to reason that well based minis should play even better right?

There are just tons and tons of methods out there on making snow bases and the results are about as varied as you could get.  You can get looks from the solid and globby that looks like fresh Elmer’s glue to the “partially melted” slushie-type look.

As you may already be aware of, my Khador just so happen to be slogging it through the white stuff, so read on and I’ll walk you through how I achieved my particular snow bases!

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Free photo backdrops for your miniatures!

  Disclaimer: Not really a “how to” article per se, but free stuff!

Arithorn1 backdrop idea
Arithon1's backdrop. From this...

You deserve to see some nice pictures when you come to my site.  I want to give you them.  I want results like the pros. I want results like forum user Arithon1.

Arithon1 photo
...with results like this.

While I’m way off his painting skills, I may be able to replicate his photographs at least.  That got me thinkin’, which then got me photoshoppin’…

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How to: Fix those bent plastics!


So you got that new 2 player battlebox huh?  Yelp, if yours is like mine, then you got more than a few bent plastic pieces.   Pretty much your Cinerator swords and Shocktrooper halberds, right?

Well don’t fret! Plarzoid comes to the rescue with a easy to follow tutorial to get your guys back on the straight and narrow.
Because seriously, who’s scared of a giant knight with a floppy sword?

How to: Base your models

Basing your models I think really ties them together and gives them that extra little bit.  When I was thinking about getting into miniatures, I was like “pffft…I’m not going to mess with that.”  But now I can’t see a model finished without some kind of base.

I’ve been on the Privateer Press forums for a bit and probably my favorite sub-forum is the Miniatures Painting and Modeling section.  I love seeing other people’s models and getting ideas or inspiration.  One of my favorite armies on there (even though it’s Cygnar) is this one  by forum user Arithon1.  His models are just drool-inducing. Here’s proof:

Thunderhead and Nemo by Arithon1
Thunderhead and Nemo by Arithon1

Well on the blog, Just the Bases, he has written a tutorial on how he does his bases.  Check it out!  His thread is what inspired me to try it out on my Strakhov, Torch, and Butcher.

How to: make a $25 carrying case for your models

Carry case

It’s game night.  You’re ready to make moves, slang dem bones, cast some spells.  You have a bonafide badass 35 point list at the ready to lay the beatdown on any one unlucky enough to stand across the tabletop from you.  You’ve slaved, hunched over, on each model until they have gained +2 to playability. Oh yes.  It is time to game.

…Now how do I get my models from my table to theirs?

If you are like me (gaming on a budget and/or new to the hobby), you probably didn’t take into account how you were going to transport your models from your home to your friendly local gaming shop.   When I’m not playing, I like to have my models displayed. I only really need a case to get me from my house to the gaming shop.  There are plenty of companies that make these for you, so you don’t have to worry about it.    But (and this is going back to what I said earlier) we are gaming on a budget.  Those cases can cost around $100-150.  See the disconnect?  That’s approaching what I paid for my first 35 points of Khador. There’s gotta be another way.  So I decided to get a little (arts and) crafty.

Read on to learn how to make a carrying case, that admittedly won’t win any beauty pageants, but serves it’s purpose in shuttling your force to and fro, for around $25.

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