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Making My Own Scenic Bases

A great basing tutorial here!


Quick Base Pic & Tutorial!

The last post didn’t really show off the base inserts that came with the Kickstarter so here’s a better shot.

Quick, fast, and easy. Also not too bad on the eyes if I say so myself...
Quick, fast, and easy. Also not too bad on the eyes if I say so myself…

These were very easy to paint:

  1. Basecoat in VMA Gungrey
  2. I washed various parts in different washes, all from Secret Weapon. I used Dark Sepia, Blue, Yellow Snow, Green, Armor Wash, and Amethyst.  Don’t wash the entire model in the same wash, vary when you place the different colors.
  3. Drybrush VGC Silver.
  4. Finally I dusted Earth pigments all of them, again from Secret Weapon, this time their Dry Earth Pigment kit.  I affixed the pigments with 93% alcohol (the highest % my corner drugstore sold).  Basically, you let a brush soak it up and then just let it flow all of the base.  It’ll dry in about an hour or so.
  5. Finished them off by painting the lips black.  I went back and forth on whether to keep the purple bases, but ultimately felt the black lips made the rest of it ‘pop’ more.

[How to] Foamcore Terrain, courtesy of Combo Smite!


Foamcore terrain

The folks over at COMBO SMITE has some really sweet foamcore building plans available for your table!

I got the materials to build these over the weekend, so be on the lookout for some pics when I can finally muster up some time to actually do it.  These are perfect for Infinity (the game I’m currently crushing on as you know) and probably even Malifaux (another game I wish I could play more of).

Check them out!


So you want to airbush? A Beginner’s Guide, Part 1

As requested: airbrushing!

Asking for airbrush advice is a fairly common topic on miniature forums. With good reason, getting one is pretty daunting and there aren’t many clear cut answers (such is art I guess).

That’s because just getting an airbrush isn’t enough.  What else do you need to make it work?  How do you make it work?  It can be a fairly expensive venture, so you want to keep trial and error to a minimum.

Welp, you’re in luck because I’m one to dive into things, so I’ll share with you all my trial and error and all I’ve learned in my 2ish years of using an airbrush!  Here’s comes the quick and dirty guide!

DISCLAIMER: While I do try to give more clear cut answers, these are still my recommendations ONLY.  I’ve geared this guide towards people that want more concrete answers.  I do give information as to why I choose each. There are many great guides available online that contain more in-depth information on each subject if you want to learn more.

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Starting Armies: How do the Factions of Warmachine play?

Great information for new players here on the Warmachine factions.

Too often I see factions get ‘pigeon-holed’ into one specific playstyle (IE Khador is the ‘slow’ faction, when across the board it actually has a higher average speed per model), when the factions (and the game at large) are so much deeper than that.

Overload Online

Startin Armies

Who can we use? What are they like? First of all have a look at my overview of the game as a whole.

This week I’m going to discuss how the armies of Warmachine play. That is what models they often play and what that feels like on the table so that you can make an informed choice as you start the game. Next week we will discuss the Factions of Hordes.

The Factions of Warmachine are varied and very well-balanced against each other, though some Factions have an easier time when playing their “typical” models against other Factions, again fielding typical models. The individual warcasters/warlocks also provide a huge variety of playstyles and armies that can be explored. However, ultimately, each Faction has a flavour and a certain approach, as well as distinctive feels and similarities throughout their suite of options.

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Tips for a Successful Journeyman League!

As you may or may not have noticed, Journeyman leagues are my ish. The past two I’ve been a part of have been complete  successes for me.  I’m usually in the top 3 across every category (always a groomsman?). With talks starting up about doing our 2014 Journeyman League earlier in the year (March it’s looking like), and with Journeymans starting up anywhere else, I’d like to take some time to share some tips that have helped me and can help you in your League. Continue reading Tips for a Successful Journeyman League!

So you want to play Warmachine/Hordes? A Beginner’s Guide

Note: this is only slightly out of date as this was written during MK2. MK3 is the current ruleset. There are some nuance differences in the ruleset but for the most part, many things still apply.

So you want to starting playing Warmachine and Hordes, but you haven’t the slightest where to start?

I put together this guide for the WM/H subreddit a few months back in order to help “noobs” and beginners get better acquainted with the game. Figured might as well share it here as well.  This is by no means comprehensive, but I tried to touch on each subject in broad stokes in order to keep things from getting too overwhelming for someone new to the game (or wargaming in general as that was my case).

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[Tutorial] Paint with Secret Weapon Washes

Quick and beautiful.
Quick and beautiful.

I’m always on the lookout for new painting techniques and today’s tutorial comes courtesy of Hand Cannon Online.

Check out their tutorial on painting models strictly using washes. I’ve used a variation of this technique with my Tohaa and it’s paying dividends. I was able to knock out 7 models with minimum time spent at the painting desk (as the drying time allows you to do other stuff and come back later easily) thus enabling me to keep my motivation up.  Plus dem results!

I can see this technique REALLY cutting down on your amount of unpainted models (which let’s be real, it a problem for us WM/H players) and quickly.

You can pick up Secret Weapon washes here.  I wholeheartedly recommend them anyway.  I’ve used them extensively on my Tohaa and Rhyas Rearguard armies.

[Tutorial] How to re-color miniatures or do test schemes in Photoshop (and GIMP)

[EDIT: He also just added instructions for GIMP!]

Picking color schemes can be one of the most daunting aspects of painting miniatures.  Many of us don’t want to sink in the time only to have to redo everything if we don’t like it.  If only there was a way to preview paint schemes quickly and easily (and en masse) before ever putting paint brush to model…

Over at Level 12 Paladin, he’s put together a great guide for accomplishing just that in Photoshop.

Check it out here!