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[Infinity] Initial Thoughts on the Game

150pt infinity game
“Red Leader. Lead the way”

Now that I have a semi-decent grasp on the basic rules and gameflow, I feel I can make this post.

As you can tell, I’ve been taken with Infinity as of late. Even more so now that some of our locals have also picked up armies. And from what I hear, there is actually a pretty big Infinity meta already here in NoVA, I just haven’t been paying attention I guess.

Showdown at the dock town.
Showdown at the dock town.

Here are some thoughts on the game so far..

…A wall of text is incoming…

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[Infinity] The Tohaa push continues!

Tohaa models on the offensive.
“The Tohaa have begun an offensive.”

As I mentioned, I am working on getting at least 9 of my 13 Tohaa models painted before my return to gaming in the coming week.

Here’s where I’m at so far.  I obviously decided on the new blue scheme and have been making so marked strides.

I’ve had to strip a hand full of models as they were in progress with my older scheme.  I don’t think I’m going to make the 9 of 13 mark, but progress is better than Congress (topical humor)!  Let’s break it down shall we:

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[Infinity] Red vs Blue

Red & Blue Tohaa Sakaels WIPs
Red & Blue (the eternal struggle) Tohaa Sakaels WIPs

By the time you read this, I will have already made my choice. But hey, I’ll share anyway!

I’m typing up my initial impressions of Infinity currently, so look for that in the next week or so, along with a slew of new content as motivation has taken me once more (I hope).

In the meantime, I got back to painting my Tohaa because, well, it’s only 13 models at the moment (with plans for a couple additions soon as they are released) so it shouldn’t be a big deal to get a fully painted force ready.

Here are a pair of Sakeals (a unit I love so far). The red is what I was originally planning for my Tohaa, as a take on a flesh-and-bone scheme.  Over the weekend, I was bit by the desire to paint (finally), so I got to work on this new version.  I’m really liking the blue now because of how it stands out more and is quite different from the stock studio scheme.

My current goal is to have around 75% (so 9 models) of my Tohaa painted for by return back to gaming in about 2-ish weeks.

Tohaa Sakiel WIP

Tohaa Sakiel WIP #1 Inside-out man!
Inside-out man!

I sure do jump around a lot when it comes to painting…

While struggling to contain my painting fatigue/ADD in the wake of our recent Journeyman and some commission work for  locals, I’ve been taken with Infinity as detailed in my last two posts.

Welp, last night I broke out another one of my Tohaa models, this time the Sakiel, and worked on him to about 60% completion.  Base colors are all there and his symbiote armor (awesome) is at least done.

I was making up the color scheme as I went along really, until about have way, I decided to do the “flesh on the outside” and bone scheme you see here.  I’m waiting for a new brush to come in so I can make attempts at wetblending some highlights on the armor plating and weapon, so for now, he’s going to be stuck in this state for at least a week or so…

Still not sure about the glowing bits (although as you can see, I’m leaning towards blue) or the base.  I originally planned on doing a green dirt base, but I may actually tap Secret Weapon pigments and use their Wet Earth kit instead.  I’ve been wanting to try out pigments for a bit anyway.

In related news, tonight is going to be our Infinity demo night, as with the Journeyman AND Nova Open finally behind us, burn out is quite high I think in our crew. Along with Infinity demos, I predict much BS-ing around and High Command being played.  On the plus side, it seems like a good number of our players are actually pretty excited about Infinity as well, even as at the same time, there are some talking about becoming MUCH more competitive WM players.  So far here’s the faction breakdown we have:

  • 1x Tohaa (me obviously)
  • 2x ALEPH
  • 2x Nomads
  • 1x Yu Jing
  • 1x Haqqislam
  • 1x Pan Oceania

Of course, I’ll let you know my thoughts here some time next week, after I’m gotten in some demo games and had time to digest them a bit!

Palette Cleansing Time: Tohaa and Infinity!

The future...IN SPAAAAAACE!

I’ve finally taken the plunge into Infinity.  I mean, I’ve only wanted to play it since shortly after taking up WM/H.

I was originally going to roll with Haqqislam (what is it with me and the religious factions) and had a list all picked out, but as luck would have it, another local player that’s into Infinity is trading me his Tohaa (which is new in box). Tohaa was my second/kinda-sorta-first choice for faction anyway, so I quickly took him up on the offer. I love all the Tohaa models shown so far.  Although the ratio of models-I-like to models-I-hate is greatly skewed towards like in Infinity.  I don’t know what it is, but the aesthetics and sculpts press all the right buttons for me.

While I haven’t started on those models yet, I also picked up a box of Makaul Troops to take me up to 250 points.  I started on one of the models immediately to get a feel for color schemes.

tohaa force WIP
…and I can’t wait to start…

I’d like the share what I got so far:

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