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Stat and Point Cost changes in N3 – Omens

Changes are coming in Infinity 3rd edition!


Comparing the stats from the Operation: Icestorm rulebook (pg 25 and 27) with the Infinity Army Builder indicates that we are in for some widespread, yet subtle changes to the costs and abilities of our favorite units in Infinity Third Edition.

Some changes are universal. BTS becomes a positive stat – instead of seeing “BTS -3,” it will now simply read “BTS 3.”  They have added the Silhouette stat (all Icestorm “human-sized” models are S: 2).  Availability (AVA) is missing from the Icestorm rules, but I do not think that that means it is missing from the eventual, full profiles.

There are new abilities; they have told us what Kinematika will do (add 1″ to the ARO Dodge move at Level 1), but there is a new one on the new Father Knight called “Assault.”  Also, there is a new weapon called a “Breaker Pistol” that the Father Knight, Grenzer, and…

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Privateer Press Pins!

Sigh...I'll take two...
Sigh…I’ll take two…

If you’ve been following Privateer Press’ Insider newsletter, then you are probably aware of pins that they are going to start having for convention exclusives.

Now I don’t really understand the whole pin collecting craze thing (I’m also not a big knick-knack collector in general), but I’d be lying to you if told you I wasn’t going to get a Kreoss or Crusader pin (and a Rhyas if they ever make one) for my gaming bag.

Check out their just launched Pins site here, and be on the look out come June 2014!

The Emperors Legions Horus Heresy Tournament – Wash up

I know I don’t typically post a lot about Warhammer, but these models! And terrain! WOWZA!!

The Painting Bunker

Hello everyone!

Its been ages since my last post and I’ve been anxiously wanting to put this post up for some time.  However due to life etc I’ve not had the time.

Let me assure you, it’ll be well worth your wait.  You’re all in for a very special treat today, the wash up of my 30k Horus Heresy comp that I ran at the beginning of March.  The Emperors Legions.

So a little bit of back ground.  I’ve wanted to run a comp for quite some time, however for many reasons I haven’t.  Mostly due to terrain.  Also, the main reason is I want to run an event.  As some of you reading this know, I’ve been playing 40k since 1st ed, waaaaayyyy back in the late 80’s, early 90’s.  Let me assure you when I say I’ve been to my fair share of comps.  I’ve seen…

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Entangled – Overgrown stone floor bases

More awesome basing tutorials!

Dagger and Brush, Daggerandbrush, dagger brush

Working on the Crypt module there was a surplus of roots, rough-hewn stone tiles and moss mixture, so I decided to make good use of the materials and created five matching bases. They also work quite well for an overgrown jungle temple environment or ruins of a long forgotten keep deep in the woods.

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Deadzone – Rebs Painting Guide!

Here’s a GREAT painting guide that you could easily translate to any model! Check it out!

DeathWatch Studios


Here’s a guide as to how I panted up my Rebs Force.

The first thing to say is there were a few basic colours that stayed the same throughout the force; the armour, blacks, reds, metals and leather. So here’s a rundown of how those colours were achieved:


Armour: The armour was painted in the same fashion as my Deadzone terrain. Take a look HERE to see how that was acheived.


Blacks: Basecoat with Abaddon Black

Highlight of Mechanicus Standard Grey with a touch of Hawk Turquoise focussing on the top edge of the folds and raised areas

Highlight of Codex Grey with a touch of Hawk Turquoise

Fine Highlight of Fortress Grey with a touch of Hawk Turquoise

Was of Nuln oil mixed with a bit of Lahmian Medium


Reds: Over the Khorne Red base:

Layer of Mephiston Red leaving the recesses the original colour

Highlight of Evil Sun Scarlet


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How to: Reaper Hydra with Marsh Base

More basing tutorials!

MGM Painting

Here’s how I did the Reaper Hydra with a marsh base!

1. Clean mould lines, boil, dry fit while cooling to reduce gaps.

1 boiled and dry fit so less gaps when cooled

2. Prime black

2 primed black

3. Paint the scales on his back VGC Jade Green, highlight with mix of Jade Green and RMS Linen White.

3 back scales VGC Jade Green and RMS Linen White

4. Wash back scales with Army Painter Blue Tone ink. In this picture the left has not been washed yet.

4 wash army painter blue tone ink

5. Paint the rest of the hydra VGC Falcon Turquoise.

5 vgc falcon turquoise

6. Wash with GW Nightshade.

6 wash nightshade

7. Next it was time for the faces – which there are a ton of!

7 mouths

8. Build the bases.

8 build bases

9. Paint the bases when they are dry.

9 paint bases10 paint bases11 paint bases12 wash bases camoshade13 drybrush fow camo shade

10. Add stumps to bases.

16 add stumps

11. Finish the faces and assemble the Hydras!


12. Paint stumps.

17 paint stumps

13. Add grass.

18 add grass

14. Add water effects mixed with Flames of War Camo Dark Green paint, also mix in GF9 Marsh blend flock to “gunk” it…

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Crackle Plaster is easy…

A simple way to make some crackle bases! Check it out!

The Monk's Cave

What is Crackle Plaster?  It is a plaster that is designed to crack when it dries.  I wanted to try this because I have always wanted to rebase my High Reclaimer list.

IMG_20140309_184822470Here it is.  I got it at Micheal’s.  It is easy to track down coupon that give 45% or more, off the perchase of one item.  A game company has a similar product. What I got for under $10 would have cost me over $80 from the high priced brand.  After doing over 40 bases, I still have way over 80% of the tub left.  I am pretty sure you could do 200 to 300 base with this tub…

First thing is to fill in the base slot in the 30mm and 40mm bases.  I used masking tape.  Trimmed it up with a good knife.

The it is time to play with the mud.  Just take a craft…

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