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Another successful hobbying weekend! With Pics!

Despite my being out of town for a almost a week, I had what I would call a successful hobby weekend!  Well it was pretty much a successful Sunday…but still!

Let’s take a look-see at what hit the table this weekend!

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Saying goodbye to old komrades & the start of something new…

Yes, the time has come to sadly bid adieu to the Motherland…

My Khador has been sitting on the shelf for the past year or so and my interest has waned in them and shifted towards other factions and/or games.  Plus I’m a full fledged Menite now.  So my Khador has hit the chopping block.  After a sale of the whole lot fell through, I’ve begun to piece out the army.  Some is already en route to some local hands, but the others are up for grabs.

If you are interested, you can have a look at the bartertown post here, and either contact me there or here through the form on the this page.

Well, now that the somber part of this post is done, let’s have a look at some new projects I’m starting on.  Shall we?

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Painting table update!

Bane Lord Tarturus - I hate you.

I’ve been up to my eyeballs in commissions lately, so I figured I’d show them here as to give you guys a break from the usually Menoth-centric offerings.

First up is a figure we all love to hate: Bane Lord Tartarus.  This lot is actually for a local player as he gears up for Lock and Load this year, and includes a handful of solos.

I think I’m most proud of how is armor came out.  I think it’s perfectly suited to Cryx’s “I don’t give **** ’bout no tarnish” style.


cryx commissions
A cyborg in Cryx? Who knew?

Darragh Wrathe is also coming out particularly well.

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Giving the gift of lightning to my bro

pKrueger - Let there be lightning!
pKrueger – Let there be lightning!

This past Christmas I got my stepbro interested into playing WM/H and the faction that interested him was Circle Orboros.

Lucky me, Circle happens to be half of the Hordes 2-player box as we all know. Christmas gift achieved!  Something I wanted to do for him was paint up a warcaster for him, but between Templecon prep and other things, it fell by the wayside unfortunately.
I was finally able to this guy done for him, mimicking what little I remember from his scheme (we only started painting the Feral).  This thing is going in the mail today.

Little by little, the painting queue will clear…

Filthy Swans…

This is a really cool pic though…

Sigh…I can believe I’m featuring more filthy swans on my blarg…

This time is a couple of commissions/works for my friend Danny, who is also working on getting his Templecon Hardcore list painted (a list I’m sure to see a lot of, the dreaded eHaley/double Stormwall list).

I mentioned in yesterday’s post how we had a night of painting to try and focus us on getting our lists done (with more possible in the future),  but I was also able to help Danny with some airbrushing techniques.  His eHaley hadn’t even been touched yet, languishing as bare metal.  I could not let this stand, ever if it was eHaley…

Danny showed me this picture from the Prime rulebook and told me that is how he wanted his Haley to look.  I thought it would actually be fairly easy to accomplish, so set about to getting it done.

Here’s how she came out.  She is still missing the details and metals, but I’ll leave that to Danny.

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Progress on Druid Gone Wilder & Nephlim Soldier

I really need to get a new camera :/

Slowly but surely the painting table is getting worked on…

Today I have for you the latest on two of the projects I chronicled earlier: The Druid Wilder and the Nephlim Soldier!

I’ve got pretty much the entire Druid basecoated and some highlights have started to go in.  The Woldwrath head is completed and came out great I think.  The rest, weeeellll…Something seems off to me but I can’t put my finger on it.  Perhaps you see what I don’t or can give me some pointers?

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[Commission] The Stormwall AKA MEGAZORD!!

Paul's Stormwall as Megazord
Paul’s Stormwall as Megazord (WIP)

I’m really jumping around in topics on this blarg aren’t I?

That pretty much echoes real life as I keep jumping around different models and armies in my painting.  But it’s high time this Stormwall took center stage as it is a commission.  Thankfully the owner is away at college at the moment, so he’s not hurting to get it back, which is great because painting a colossal has been a bigger undertaking than I first imagined.

The story behind this paint job is actually pretty cool.  The player is painting up his jacks in the colors of the Power Rangers, so I suggested that his Stormwall should be Megazord.  It was an idea that was too cool to pass up so here I am making it happen.  Below is the pic I’m using as a reference.

One of the original OGs.

The cool thing about it is that I actually get to flex my airbrushing muscle on this guy as my jet black Menoth didn’t really need it.  By my estimates this guy is about 30% done.  He still needs a few basecoats here and there and I haven’t even touched the arms yet…


The First Nyss Hunter [Updated with 3 more!]

Nyss Hunter Test Model
So much blight to kill, so little time…


What a joy to paint.  This is my test model for Cylena Raefyll and her Nyss Hunters and I am extremely proud of it.  Personally I really think this could easily be considered “above Table Top” quality.

Just a short post today because the painting has started for the Slow Grow League and I have family and friends coming to. visit in the coming weeks so I’ll be busy for sure.  My first major goal of the league however:  To get a Menoth battlebox painted by July 16th (that’s when the games start).


Da Boss and her boys.
Da Boss and her boys.

Today (Sunday) I was able to finish the other three left.  Now to get that blister so I can have a proper min unit.  Oh and I also gotta get Valachev.  Sorry for the cell phone pic…

The Ninja Elves! Cylena Raefyll & the Nyss Hunters (a WIP)

Cylena & Nyss Hunters WIP
Love the poses I was able to get.

I understand that these models have a certain…reputation for being a massive pain in the arse (whaddup UK readers!) to put together.

I can see why, they are slim models to begin with and the contact points are needle sized to almost non-existent. But these four didn’t go so bad, I even got them based all in about 30 minutes. Yup, right now it’s just the four since I got them in a trade (along with a ton of spare bits for them). A blister should round them out to min unit easily though.  Putting on the rest of their gear (bow, sheath, and quiver) may prove to be a bigger headache. We’ll see…

I’ve been a fan of the sculpts since I saw them and their rules seem pretty solid as well. Lately I was wondering if I should have got these guys instead of the Kayazy Assassins because they seem so much more versatile and the Assassins seem to die to a stiff breeze before doing anything (the Colossals seem to be built to handle these high DEF/low ARM types too). Then I guess I got lucky with a trade. While they lack the Kayazy Assassins’ Killstroke, Gang, and immunity to freestrikes, they are a happy median between the Assassins’ DEF 14/16 at DEF 15, and I think I’ll appreciate the extra ranged attacks they bring (and Hunter) because that’s something my Khador lists tend to lack and that can hurt against some lists. At first I was thrown back by their extra point cost however, but it might be a good thing for the various timed tournaments I’ll be going to (less models to move).  I’m thinking of greenstuffing some ninja masks on some of the models and applying my black/sanguine/gold scheme that I had originally envisioned for my Menites.  I’m going to keep the ice blue skin tones I think because I think it fits them so perfectly.  Hmmm…maybe gold sword blades!  That’ll be different and I think will look really cool!  Now I can’t wait to paint them either!

Their first game will be this Thursday in a 50 point infantry heavy Strakhov list. I’ll need to proxy the remaining 2 and Valachev but I’m sure my opponent won’t mind too much there. Let’s see how they do!