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Gearing up for the East Coast Rumble!

A crew of our locals are hitting the road in the a couple weeks!

We’re heading to the East Coast Rumble in New Jersey, this April 11-13!  A lot of the New Jersey guys come down to the Nova Open so it’s high time we paid them back by heading to their shindig.

Here’s a listing of the events. What events do I plan to compete in?  What lists am I bringing?  Why can’t adults see why kids love Cinnamon Toast Crunch?

All those questions, except the last one, is answered after the jump!

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Win some swag with the #MyHobby Challenge from Secret Weapon!

All the month of Febuary, Secret Weapon Miniatures is running a contest on Facebook.  All you need to do is tag a post of include the hashtag #MyHobby in order to be entered to win some swag!

What are you waiting for?  Get to it!  Details here.

(Oh and they currently have a sale going on too!)

Foodmachine 2013!

Rhyas & the Rearguard @ foodmachine 2014
Rhyas & the Rearguard @ foodmachine 2014

This past Saturday was our annual Foodmachine tournament, hosted by local PG Plarzoid.

This also saw my (triumphant?) return to Warmachine after 2+ months out of the game.  I decided to bring my Rhyas Rearguard list because 1) it is 100% painted and 2) it is hella fun to play.  Unfortunately this year, possibly due to a change in date or maybe other things going on, turnout was much lower than last year.  Thus we only had a two round event. Still good times though, and awesome prize support as well!

Regardless, here’s how I did PLUS a gallery!

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[Journeyman 2013] That’s a wrap people!

Rhyas - The Rearguard Theme Force, Tier 4
Rhyas – The Rearguard Theme Force, Tier 4

Another year, another Journeyman League gone.

Tonight is the ‘Awards Ceremony’ for our Journeyman League.  Six weeks of painting and playing games behind me, I now have a fully painted 50 point army (see above) to terrorize the table tops with. Overall, I didn’t win any of the categories but came close in two of them (which was a huge surprise to me), and went 10-6 as far as win-loss record which is the bigger news! With Rhyas. Boom shaka laka naysayers.

The army is a lot of fun to play as it’s very different from my Menoth.  You have to be VERY aggressive with it to get anywhere and always on the look out for assassination opportunities (more so than usual).  FURY management is also a big concern for it with a FURY 5 warlock and two heavies and a light capable of producing 11 fury if you max them out.  Make sure to keep that Shepard safe! Sometimes I wanted/needed Rhyas to have a ranged attack spell, but when all else fails, just apply Rhyas and see where it takes you.  And never look down on Riposte.  I think it killed as many models as Rhyas did charging. Also the beef wall of terror causing Ogruns is fantastic! It’s 12 models totaling 96 health boxes, all at ARM 16-17. It can be a lot to chew through for some people.  Then you have a mess of Swordsmen to clean up the remains.

Surprise MVP? The Nephilim Solider.  He assassinated more casters than either Rhyas or the two heavies.

So what’s next for me?

A break probably.  In actuality, I think it’s time to indulge in some palette cleansing games (like Infinity!).  More on that (very) soon!

The 2013 NF2L Season is upon us!

I’m not sure if you remember my Snowmen from last year and their abysmal season (save for their season opener), but it’s time for the 2013 season of the NF2L league that our gaming group does.  This year saw a ton of changes, including a caster draft (the results of which are below), a much shorter “season”, and more restrictions on lists.  Also it somehow worked out that this year that everyone would be playing a Warmachine faction…

This year I’ll be going with Menoth and my team name is The Torch Bearers (logo pending)…

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Templecon 2013 & Me. [Plus a Pic Dump!]

My first Templecon has come and gone and I gotta say it was a real good time. A whole group of the NoVA Nomads made the trip to represent which I think helped a great deal in making it a crazy fun trip.

I ended up forgetting my camera (of course!) so the only pics I have are from my cell phone. I also ended up only doing the Hardcore, which was fine by me as I had just as much fun (or more) just chilling out in the Iron Arena. So how’d I do there? Did the pKreoss list bring home the bacon?

Find out after the jump. Oh and a big photo gallery too!

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Road to Templecon 2013: Painting Status Update

Progress laboriously continues towards painting my Hardcore list to completion, with the countdown in the upper right hand mocking me with each day.

Luckily I am almost there.

Left on the table are the Judicator, Vessel of Judgement, and max Errants with UA.  The Judicator I featured in a previous post and it hasn’t progressed much since them.  The lower half is done, but the upper half is still in pieces.  But I’m not worried.  This weekend I got them all primed and prepped from paint, so tonight I am thinking he will be close to done.  The Vessel is a different story.  I have started on him a bit, but the amount of filigree scares me.  At times, I look at it and don’t think it will take that much time, and other times I am completely dumbfounded as where to even begin on it.  Look for some progress shots of it, hopefully after this weekend.

The last bit is my Errants.  First of all, let me thank local player Steve, who graciously painted their robes red while I focused on the Judicator.  Next my friend Danny and I had a painting night last night, so I was able to strictly focus on painting them (there are too many distractions at my place that kill my motivation), so I was able to get them cleaned up and officially “base coated”.  It never feels like I am making progress with them, but now the only thing left is some clean up, finishing their metallics and small details.

Hmmm…maybe I might make this deadline after all…

Bonus: Some “if time permits” painting projects:

  • Intercessor Kreoss
  • 2x Dervishes
  • Fire of Salvation

Templecon 2013 Hardcore List v2…

Templecon 2013
The countdown is ever looming…

After some playtesting with the Hardcore list I outline in an earlier post which used pSev and a lot of discussion and spitballing of ideas, I decided to tweak my list a bit.

I found that it was indeed a very potent list, but not the most friendly for a timed format.  It packed an abundance of AOEs, which just ate away at my clock.  At the NOVA Open, the clock was my greatest enemy as the only losses my eKreoss suffered were because I clocked myself.  I really want to avoid this situation again.  If I lost, I want it to be because I was outplayed, not out attrition-ed with the clock.

So the first of the changes is a big one this late in the game…a warcaster swap…

Slow grow/Journeyman battleboxes!
“Bow or Burn. Either way, there will be one less heretic today.”

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My Painting Competition Winning 15pt Force!

eFeora @ 15pts
eFeora @ 15pts

As our League was winding down, we held two painting competitions, one at 15 points, the other at 35, and opened up the voting to the public over at the Privateer Press Forums.  If you remember I posted about it encouraging everyone to go and vote.

Well I’m extremely happy to report that I won one of them!  At the 15 point level, my epic Feora force took home the gold..erm…gift certificate with over 50% of the votes! Wowzas!  These winnings have bought me eeKreoss whenever he comes out!

My 35 point entry didn’t fare as well, but I place some of the blame on the quality of the picture.  It was admittedly taken in haste, and as was pointed out by some in our group, it washes out the colors.  But I really shouldn’t complain, we had some really great entries at this level, and the winning entry is a really great looking force on the table (I know, I’ve faced off against it).

Reznik @ 35pt
Reznik @ 35pt. Not the best pic…

This is really great in that this is just after a year in the hobby!  I’m putting together a post that takes a look at various models I’ve painted from the beginning up to now, as a sort of “look how I’ve grown” or retrospective post.  Be on the look out for that in the coming week!


Journeyman Painting Competitions! Go vote for your favorite now!

Our Journeyman League just wrapped up last Sunday, so the only thing left now is to wrap up the various raffles and side competitions we have going on.
The big ones are the Painting Competitions!  We have one for both the 15 point level and also the 35 point level.  Plarzoid created some polls on the Privateer forums where you can go and cast your vote for your favorite or who you think should be the winner!