I’m back (to the future).

Oh… Hey  there.

Been awhile.  How’ve you been?

Me?  I’ve been busy.

I still game,  although it’s not as much as I’d like to…

So MK3 hit,  and I just can’t muster up the excitement to play any Warmachine at the moment.  It flutters every now and then.  I’ve been working on getting a single 75pt list painted up that I can take to Wednesday gaming at the LGS.  I’ll have a post on this army soon.  Here’s a teaser:


But for now, there’s…


Sigh… The game that we’re always just thiiiiis close to playing (seriously my first post about it was in 2012, with a completed army post in 2013).  I played some back before N3 dropped and then when N3 did drop there was some interest in our group that eventually fizzled out before anything came of it. Alas, back to the storage bin the Tohaa went, always plotting their return…

Very recently, there has been renewed interest (nee jonesing) among some of my closer gaming circle for something sci-fi…ish. Some ideas for games were floated around (Warzone, 40K, 30K, Infinity, Dropzone, etc) but I pushed for Infinity because, well we already had the models for it (new in box even for most of the other folks). I had also been amassing a terrain stockpile over the years: the odd kickstarter here, a black friday sale there. Selfish reasons aside, Infinity is a pretty good game with cool models.

Having ~4 years pass between paintjobs means that the old ones are in need of some updating, so update I did:

voltron's tohaa group pic
Gang’s almost here…

These are the first few that I’ve ‘reworked’ in 2017 colors.  It’s basically cleaner, a bit more vibrant.  I’ve worked in more oranges/yellows as a contrast to the blue. I still hold onto my simplified color palette and color triad working method.

kosuil nikoul voltron

Recently I started exploring this scheme a little more (and got better house lighting and camera).  The results are some of my favorite models yet, check these:

Tohaa Sukiel, Gorgos Pilot, and Igao Unit
Tohaa’s angels?

As you can see, the technique is getting cleaner as well. I’ve adopted many of Angel Giraldez’s techniques into my own style as I’ve found that it actually really meshes well with my workflow and skill level.

But now how about the game play? We’ll happy to report I’ve actually managed to get some real life rounds of Infinity in! We’ve mostly been playing 20×20 games as that mission set seemed more user fiendly. While we aren’t new to wargames now, we are new to this ruleset (it’s more of rules wiki, than a rulebook).

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