"I've been working on the Rail Crew, all the live-long daaaaay!"

I’ve been working on the Rail Crew, all the live-long day…

While still on hiatus from Warmachine (although I did break out Rhyas for a Longest Night event last week in which I got to top table), I’ve been going full bore on knocking out my Ten Thunders crew members. The first up is Mei Fang’s Rail Crew:

"I've been working on the Rail Crew, all the live-long daaaaay!"
“I’ve been working on the Rail Crew, all the live-long daaaaay!”

I’ve always loved Mei Fang’s model and Railwalker is such a cool name for an ability (it’s even cooler in action in game).

Here they are in action:

The crew in action...
The crew in action…

So far I’ve had pretty decent luck with her, going about 60% Win/Loss.  I love the importance of objectives as opposed to KILL EM ALL in Malifaux. KILL EM ALL is something the Rail Crew doesn’t have much an issue with, with the Workers being able to reliably one-shot many a minion (which is key to stemming the gremlin tide that Zac’s Som’er likes to summon up).  Although, I am now eager to get some new models in there.  As it stands right now, the Rail Crew is generally pretty slow and not at all that subtle…They just kind of shamble up and punch things (hard)…the speed becomes an issue with certain objectives in that Zac’s reckless Gremlins can run circles around me…

Mei Fang on the other hand is badass!  Teleporting around and drop kicking fools in the face will never get old. I’m still learning her ins and outs and trying out all the various upgrades she can take, which can really alter the way she plays generally.  Plus, did I mention dat model?!

Kung Fu fightin'
Kung Fu fightin’

Something that I really love about Malifaux is the upgrade system.  Yes, its a bit more book-keeping but the flexibility cannot be matched.  I like how you don’t have to worry so much about meta-nonsense (your MMMs, armor skews, etc) as most masters can be kitted out to deal with the situation at hand.

This was a short and sweet update as I continue work on painting up the rest of my crew boxes (Misaki and Shenlong) and begin to get more games in.  I’ve ramped up my painting lately as some time has opened up most nights and because in November I’ll be hosting a Malifaux night for some friends in which I hope to remember to take lots of pictures to post here…

9 thoughts on “I’ve been working on the Rail Crew, all the live-long day…”

  1. Nice painting. I love to play Mei Feng; she often dies but she usually makes a mess of something on the way there. Her mobility is really fun when you can set things up, and it is great to trigger her various extra attacks then Rail Walk out of danger. Recalled Training is really worth it as the turn you spend it she will be making a lot of flips.

    1. Thanks!

      Yeah, I’m still trying to lose the habit of being conservative with my Masters as Master kill isn’t a game ending condition like it is in WM.

      In one game, I used Recalled training and Railwalked 3 times into the fray, all the while Tiger clawing, setting on fire, and Jackhammer kicking. It ended up with her sitting at Armor +3 or something like that. It was amazing haha!

  2. Upgrade systems I keep hearing about in other games definitely intrigue me. I have long wished in Infinity that the “spec-ops” troopers gained cumulative experience throughout successive missions, but sadly no.

    Would you recommend Malifaux to Infinity aficionados, or is it a whole different ball game?

    1. I’d say it’s a bit of a different ball game. It’s way more easy to learn than Infinity, as in after 3 games we never really have to consult the rule book anymore. Of course, having everything on the cards helps with that. Granted there are still a lot of effects and things to keep track of, but I haven’t found that to be a deterrent. The upgrades are pretty cool, for instance, with Mei you can take one that gives her a ranged cast with blasts if she’s going to go up against hordes.

      The I go, you go activations keeps you active in the game like Infinity’s ARO though.

  3. I watched a couple Malifaux battle reports after posting this comment last night. The scale definitely seems conducive to tight play, and while the card mechanic looked kitschy at first, I quite liked how it was playing out. I’m casually looking at other wargames, and Malifaux is already higher on the list than a few others.

    1. I thought the same at first but being able to have some say over how things can play out is nice. It also really adds a neat resource management element to proceedings.

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