Torekage 2015 model

A wild Torekage appears!

Why, hello there!

It’s been awhile hasn’t it?

Quite a lot has changed for me in the past almost year since I posted some of my original work, namely a son and recently a move to a new house.  But with that most recent change, something amazing happened!

I now have a game room! Pics of that to come once I get it all set up.  The last few weekends have been about putting together a gaming table and it’s almost there.  But that’s for an upcoming post, as I have some before pics and need the after.

This post is about all about Malifaux!

Way back in 2013, my good friend Zac talked me into picking up Malifaux.  Back then, 2nd edition was on the verge of coming out and they were starting to switch over to plastics. I quickly assembled my crew and painted it in a kinda drab grey and green scheme.  It was an alright scheme (the masks were my favorite part) but they were hastily painted because at the time I didn’t see the point to spending tons of time on a side game as WM had a tight hold on me and the track record for actually playing these side games in our meta was abysmal to non-existent.

Ten Thunders - Bringin' da Thunda.
Bringin’ da Thunda. (back in 2013)

Case in point: We played two 25ss games of Malifaux back in 2013 and none since.

Flash forward to 2015 and things are very different now.  I can barely muster any enthusiasm for WM nowadays.  Only local group is still going strong, but my desire to play the game is at an all time low.  I’ve sold my Circle, and have a decent sized Retribution army all just sitting in their boxes waiting to be even opened at this point.  They too may soon hit the chopping block…My reasons for this are many (if you’re curious, we can chat in the comments).

Zac and I again have been bitten by the Malifaux bug.  I admit that I enjoyed those 2 games of Malifaux, and when packing up my stuff to move, it sparked my interest once again. So we played again. And again.  Suddenly that “excitement” came over us.  That excitement you feel from a new game that you know is what you’re looking for.  I haven’t been this excited for a game since starting WM.

But my 2013 models would not do.  My tastes have changed, painting wise.  I’ve learned some things.  So I decided to trade my painted Thunder set for a NIB one (as I still love the Ten Thunders faction). All day Sunday I spent working on my first test model: a Torekage.

Torekage 2015 model
Torekage – 2015 model

He still needs some tightening up on the skirts and all black areas. I’m not 100% on the white skirt outline so that may change…I also could not get the base to look decent enough.  I was going for a marble temple floor…

But I love the bright yellow and the scheme in general.  Next up will be the henchmen Ototo, followed by the other Torekage, and finally the master, Misaki. Oh and hey, I also have Archers to do and a Mei Fang crew box and Dawn Serpent on the way!

While my updates will still be sporadic, look out for more Malifaux action on this site for the foreseeable future!

7 thoughts on “A wild Torekage appears!”

  1. awesome painting job!

    I got infected with Malifaux bug recently by my friend too. Right now I want paint only Neverborn…infectious:) no wonder, models are great! good luck with your crew!

  2. That bright yellow looks really good; it is such a hard colour to make work but you’ve done a great job.

    Malifaux is a great game. For me, the fact that it isn’t only about killing really adds a dimension compared to most other wargames (i.e. there are some objectives that still matter even if you get tabled).

    1. Thanks! I think the yellow turned out much better than I thought it would. You basically have to keep powering through to the end haha

      I agree! I love the Strategy and schemes aspect and I also love how tactical the game feels by the way of the actions possible. I was able to win one of our games despite not having any models on the table at the end.

  3. I’m curious about the lack of enthusiasm in WMH. I’ve never really got into the game and only have the small collections I have because 1) cool models and 2) my sons enjoy a game now and then. If you like oriental mythos and skirmish games check out Bushido by GCT studios.

    1. I think it is a critical mass of things. I still like the game itself; the models, rules, and lore. But I think my beef is with the community writ large and the direction it’s taking.

      EVERYTHING is about competition and competitiveness now. Everyone is so crazy about “precision”, 2d terrain, stuff like that. It’s very cynical.

      Now I’m not saying there is anything wrong with that, but it’s just not the environment I want to be in. Our meta is all about the latest skew list du jour and tournament prep. It used to be more about hanging out and leagues and stuff. Currently there’s little room for playing what you want and “casually”.

      1. Yeah it is the curious thing about WMH in that is the only way its played here too. It’s a great rules system for that, but not the be all and end all for the system. Despite PP themselves running really casual leagues (loved those quarterly events but FLGS stopped running them due to low numbers), everything is tourney driven, and like you that’s not how I like or want to play, hence only play WMH with my sons.

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