One Way at Orange – Or How to Paint Orange

A great tutorial on how to paint Orange!

Bleached Models - A Hobby Blog

Here I am going to explain how I paint my orange/brown used on my Aleph miniatures from Corvus Belli’s Infinity range.

What you will need are:

-Awesome Miniature (Yes, it has to be awesome!)
-Paint Brush
-Paints (in this case: German Grey [Vallejo Model Color], Gorthor Brown [Games Workshop], Orange Brown [Vallejo Model Color] and Scrofulous Brown [Vallejo Game Color]

1) Base Coat

Orange 01

Apply the base coat to the areas of the model you wish to paint with Gorthor Brown. Do not fret on being messy (at least as long as this is one of the first colors you are applying…).

2) First Shade

Orange 02

Start painting the darkest regions on your brown parts of the model. I try to focus on lower parts or sections where light is minimal or near non existent. It is not an exact science (doesn’t mean it cannot be), but it gets the job done…

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