Ruminations on the Protectorate and me…

Awhile ago, I decided to dive off the deep end and repaint my Menoth

…but that hasn’t quite come to fruition.  Why?  A variety of reasons really.  Not happy with the scheme or it’s execution were among the top because if I am going to dive off that cliff, I want to be 100% I like the end result.

But if I have to be honest with myself, the biggest reason is excitement. Or lack there of.

Prepare for a bit more text than usual….

What does that mean?  Well I was set to start repainting things, refining lists so as to prioritize things, trading or rebuying my painted units for unpainted/unassembled ones – excitement level was high…then Vengeance came out.

I love when new books come out because it means new shinies and exciting releases!  New ways to play things, new things to try out!  Now, I’m not one to get into these “Who won the book?” conversations, but Vengeance was not the Protectorate’s book in my opinion (and in some other PoM’s players I’ve talked to).  I wasn’t expecting some kind of super Haley2 caster or some kind of model that becomes auto-include, but I do expect a degree of excitement.  And nothing in that book stirred me or even offered anything new to the faction that I love.

I can honestly say that the release that I enjoyed the most from Vengeance were the Flamebringers (in Thyra’s Black Widows theme and with Kreoss2 mostly), but what they bring to the faction isn’t anything new besides a bit of mobility. At least I like their models (and seem to be in the minority here but that’s fine). That’s more than I can say for the Indictor.

Here’s hoping to Reckoning giving me new things to look forward to.  Our new caster has already been revealed and I definitely like what I see.  Hopefully he gives something fun to play to PoM. A new Judicator chassis colossal is already sounding pretty MEH, especially when it’s sold as New Judicator! But with Vanguisher cannons! Hopefully it’s more than just that, but again it’s hard to get excited about having to buy another colossal at full price when they (theoretically since they are the same chassis) are going to look 90+% the same as their predecessor.  Compare that with the new Gargantuans…which are actually new Gargantuans.

I recently got into Circle, but something about them has always been off to me. Something I can’t quite put my finger on. I like playing Mohsar and eKaya’s theme force, so it’s not gameplay stuff that’s bothering me.  Their gameplay styles (especially eKaya) is the style I typically play in just about everything.  I think it’s a matter of aesthetics.  Maybe I’m just a robots and steampunk kind of guy over the Wilder side of things? Sadly, it’s highly likely that they will hit the chopping block soon…

The sad thing is that I came to this realization after a recent ramp up in preparing to tackle this monster of a project again. I had a few eureka moments with finding color schemes and methods. First came the move to a Imperial Fists inspired scheme…

Yellow and Turquoise/Teal...a killer combo on the table!
Yellow and Turquoise/Teal…a killer combo on the table!

Thus began my seeking out the perfect shades of yellow and gold for a NMM type approach.  And then I found this…

Some bane cav from Jolly Roger Studios that have a scheme VERY close to how I've wanted my Menoth.
Some bane cav from Jolly Roger Studios that have a scheme VERY close to how I’ve wanted my Menoth.

Here is an example of pretty much exactly what I want from my Menoth: Gold armor with turquoise/teal cloth.  And with a method that is very easy to replicate across a large number of models relatively quickly. I also found some nice base inserts to go with this new scheme.

Gah! The more I look at that picture the more I like that scheme and style!

Here’s where we stand with this project now:

  • Color scheme √
  • Method √
  • New bases √
  • Excitement level ×

Right now I’m stuck in a bit of a holding pattern while I wait for Reckoning to drop.  With the new guy in town my hobby time has become less frequent and more sacred. I need that excitement to be there in order to keep momentum going.

What happens when Reckoning drops and Menoth is left in the wind again?  Well, I have always wanted to get into Retribution

2 thoughts on “Ruminations on the Protectorate and me…”

  1. I totally agree that it’s pointless to try and paint if you’re not feeling the excitement. If you’re not in the mood, just paint something else, or do something else entirely. With your new baby, probably you have plenty of other things to keep you busy!

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