Arena Rex Unboxing!

Well ain’t this a curve ball?

After talking about all the games I’ve been stockpiling the other day, guess what showed up on my doorstep?

arena rex ks pledge
arena rex ks pledge

Let’s have a look inside shall we?

Let’s start with some cards…

First up are the art cards.  The art was one of the initial things that drew me to Arena Rex.  These cards are about standard photo size and include the character’s bio on the back.  I love the vibrant minimalism on display throughout Arena Rex, it’s a very strong design choice that really works!

arena rex art cards
arena rex art cards

Next up are the game cards.  These are your typical playing card size.  If you play Malifaux 2e, think like those cards. included were Ludus cards (think sectorials or theme forces) with the Ludus sigil on one side and its benefits on the other.

The model cards are your typical stats and art on front, special rules on back format that works so well.  Again, I love the graphic design and layout on display in these. Only beef is that they are not laminated, but that’s a small one.

arena rex game cards
arena rex game cards


 The Main Event!  Models!

So when I initially chose my models, I had a Birds of Prey/Femme Fatale theme idea in mind, so suitably all my choices are female. Not that I didn’t like the male models or anything, but if you haven’t noticed, I’m a sucker for theme.

I haven’t gotten a chance to really deep dive into the models (baby taking up all my time and all that) but they are all very high quality. Details are clean and crisp, they are very much a premium product as promised.

Anyway, let’s start with the Kickstarter exclusive model: Lupa!

Lupa of Legio XII
Lupa of Ludus Magnus

Next up is Bjaharrvit! She’s the largest of this crop, being on a 40mm base.


Amelia! That spear is going to need a brass rod replacement…

Amelia of Legio XII
Amelia of Legio XII

Ban Luca! This model seems like it’s the most like ‘Heroic’ scale (look at her feet!).  That spear is also going to need a brass rod replacement…

Ban Luca of Legio XII
Ban Luca of Legio XII

Lastly, is Viatrix of Ludus Magnus.  I made a late game switch to her when my original choice, Hroka, looked to be nowhere near on the horizon.

Viatrix of Ludus Magnus
Viatrix of Ludus Magnus

EDIT: Oops I forgot to get a picture of Frigge 😦

I’ll probably be making getting these painted up a priority now.  One, because they’re finally here and two, because it’ll be a nice change of pace compared to the other things on my painting table.

I have one other player in my area ready to give the game a go, so once that goes down, I’ll be sure to share it here!


2 thoughts on “Arena Rex Unboxing!”

  1. I do like that art style as well.

    I’m not sure what angle on gladiatorial combat the game takes but if it’s something similar to the Sparticus board game, but with actual decent combat mechanics, I’d definitely be interested in this game.

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