Our Local Secret Santa!

Our store recently had our first Secret Santa giveaway.

I drew Adam and one of his choices happened to be a model I myself have had my eye on…

Fyanna the Lash for Adam.
Fyanna the Lash for Adam.

Yup, Fyanna the Lash.  She’s soooo cool!  Fun to paint too.  Here’s the scheme I was trying to mimic:

strider ua

What to do think? Did I nail it?

I hope you enjoy her and may she beat back and dismember many enemies!


What did I get in return? My Secret Santa came through in a BIG way…

I asked for a number of Merc models, mostly because I drew a blank.  One of those was Taryn.  But I’m not a fan of the Taryn model…

I think I have a new favorite model...
I think I have a new favorite model…

Holy crap!  I have no words.



4 thoughts on “Our Local Secret Santa!”

  1. Man, that’s an awesome model, what range/company is it from?

    Love the way your Fyanna the last turned out too! I missed the party due to a mandatory parent meeting at my daughter’s school, but should be there ::knock on wood:: this Wednesday to give young Carl the model I painted for him and to pick up the model from my secret Santa.

      1. I am a huge fan of the Anima Tactics minis (kinda a shame that game isn’t more popular also).

        Really wish I had more excuses to get and use them. RIght now, they’re my first go-to when it comes to looking at characters for Pathfinder.

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