[Infinity] Getting ready for N3

EDIT: Weird, no idea why this one published all of the sudden on 3/9? It’s from 11/18…oh well…

As alluded to in one of my latest posts, next year I was planning to (in addition to learning fatherhood) start playing more Infinity. Especially with 3rd edition coming out and seemingly fixing a lot of the quibbles I currently have.

Weeelp…I’m one step closer to that.  I went ahead and pre-ordered the N3 rulebook.

I didn’t arrive at that decision likely.  It is pretty expensive for a book.  Especially one that is likely going to be free in the future.

But then Miniature Market had the Ghazi Muttawi’ah as their deal of the day and as a unit I really wanted, the writing was kinda on the wall. It’s come full circle really.  Haqqislam was the army I was originally going to go with in Infinity and events keep nudging me towards it.  I received an Asawira in a trade for some of my original Tohaa.  Then the new Tarik and an Alh Fassed for $12.  Now these Ghazi.  I can see the signs.

I’ve also started to work on getting some terrain for my own personal use at home and to bring if needed.  I’ve been looking at Warsen.al and a couple others.  I really would like a combo of MDF and clear acrylic elements.  I kinda want to go all out and maybe even make some elements lighted…

Of course, I’ll also have my Tohaa…

Tohaa Army
Aw yiss.

So Certs, I hope you are ready for me next year!


One thought on “[Infinity] Getting ready for N3”

  1. Sigh, I’m never going to get my Tohaa painted. Between yours and TimW’s Tohaa, it’s like ‘why bother’. 😛

    I need to just get some more games in with them and hopefully be impressed enough by their performance that I feel paintjob recognition should be awarded. But they’re playstyle is something I have trouble adapting to from my usual spam lists.

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