…And Ghetorix makes a Four Wolf Moon.

WMW is nearly upon us and I have resigned myself to the mad paint dash.

Just look at him!
Look at this sexy mofo.

I spent nearly all Sunday working on Ghetorix start-to-finish and he came out amazing. Granted a lot of breaks were taken for wash drying and I worked on my Druids some.

It’s a tie now between Ghetorix (who is actually the model that made me want to play Circle in the first place) and the Pureblood as the favorite of the Warpwolves I’ve done.

Bask in his glory.
Just look at him!

I feel like I should talk about some of the style choices of my Circle. I’ll start with the armor. Originally (back in 2013) I was going to do red inlays and gold trim.  When I recently went to revisit the scheme for this batch of Circle, I noticed that laying down the VMA Hull Red base layer into the Rhulic Gold ended up looking like dried blood.  Which I feel is super appropriate for Circle, and in particular the Wolves and Tharn that I’m focusing on, so I kept it.

Status Update: Only models left are Druids (about 50% done) and the max Skinwalkers unit (about 10% done).  I’ll probably be able to finish the Druids, but I resigned myself to either borrowing some Skinwalkers or just getting mine playable (ie on a base) and calling it a day.  As the deadline looms, my motivation is starting to wane and I still want to be interested in the army as I’ll be playing it for basically 3 days straight…


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