Where in the World is Volt_Ron?

Many of you may have noticed a steep decline in posting this past few months.  Heck, just seeing this post in your inbox may have triggered a head scratch or two.

Here’s a quick post to update you on what I’ve been up to and why the lack of updates…

Firstly, why the lack of updates?

Recently I found out I am going to be a father (due date December 2014) and as such was wrapped up in a move to larger place and all the things that impending parenthood bring.

Regardless, I’m still in the hobby.  I still paint, although that is becoming less frequent nowadays compared to my ~1.5 hr a day I was averaging about a year ago. In fact I’m working on two 50 point Circle Orboros lists to be completed in about a month’s time.  It’s my most ambitious project since the Rearguard.

I also still play.  In fact, one game a week every Wednesday give or take.  More recently my enthusiasm for the game had begun to wane, for late of a better term.   I still very much enjoy WM/H, and it could just be burn out with my Menoth (wakka wakka) as I’ve been playing them for quite some time now, but the excitement to play week in and out just sometimes isn’t there. Maybe playing some new blood, both army and players, at Warmachine Weekend will help.

 What else have I been up to?

Board games!  Kinda.  With the winter months upon us, I’ve been kind of getting the itch to play some board games, or at least have them on hand for the inevitable snow days.

I recently picked up Boss Monster and Love Letter as they were 1.) cheap and 2.) seemed simple enough.  Boss Monster has actually been a pretty big hit.  It’s a great game to break out casually, as it’s easy to learn and quick to play.  In it, you play the role of an NES boss monster and have to set up a dungeon of horrors that will attract the heros and then defeat them so that you can munch on their souls.  Do this 10 times and you win, but if the heroes defeat your dungeon 5 times, you lose.

Like a Baaws, as the Youth say.
Like a Baaws, as the Youth say.

I’m interested to try more boardgames, and right now my prime two candidates are Flashpoint or Pandemic.  But I gotta be honest, I am completely new to the world of boardgames having only know about the Milton-Bradley variety until recently.

If anyone has any good suggestions for 2-4 player games (especially those that may appeal to less…”nerdy”…folk), I’d love to hear them!

Warhammer 40K Campaign

A few guys have gotten together for a fluffy/fun 40K campaign.  It’s all about the Rule of Cool with this one.  I’m rolling with Dark Eldar as I’ve always loved their look and this was a perfect chance to pick up some models.  Here’s some WIPs:

dark eldar wip

Now this project has been put a bit on the backburner at the moment, just due to my getting Circle ready for WMW.  With a new codex recently released, I’m eager to jump back in though.

Warhammer 40K: Conquest

My new hotness.
My new hotness.

Oh man, this is my ish currently.  Granted is just came out last week, and I’ve only gotten 2 whole games in as opponents are few and far between.  But I am way hyped to get more games in, and with more than just the recommended Space Marine and Ork starter decks (Orks still don’t seem like my thing).  You get quite a lot of game in the Core Set for $40, including tokens, 2 warlord dials, 7 different factions and the cards for each.  I think it comes to like 200+ cards, minus the little token creature and planet cards.

The game plays a bit like a campaign, in that you have to leverage capturing the current planet (or not) and the long game of bolstering your forces at other planets.  There is strategy involved in not only deployment of your forces but also your Warlord and then battling.  If it sounds like a lot, it is.  But it was way easier to pick up and learn than Netrunner and plays pretty quick.  Games can take about 30 minutes.  My two games where I was teaching others took about an hour total.

Of course I’ll be running a Dark Eldar deck because they’re my fave faction in 40K.

Infinity 3rd Edition

And finally, Infinity 3rd edition is almost upon us.  I’ve been patiently waiting for this as from the various leaks they’ve had all lot of the improvements are ones I’m totally on board with. Granted I don’t have the in-depth handle on the game as I do WM/H, but the few squabbles I had with the ruleset seem to be getting addressed.

Patiently waiting…

On top of that, Infinity is quickly becoming my favorite model range since adopting their new digital sculpting method. I get giddier seeing the monthly releases for this game than I do others.

Oh, man I love this sculpt.

So a bit of forewarning: You will probably see a lot more of Infinity on this blog next year.

And finally I want to thank each and every reader and follower of this blog!

Thanks for sticking around and your comments and interactions throughout the years!

15 thoughts on “Where in the World is Volt_Ron?”

  1. Ooh, ooh. I can do board game suggestions.

    Pandemic is a good one. It’s a great game, and good if your ‘non-nerdy’ friends/family don’t like the idea of confrontational games. It suffers from the standard co-op game problem though of it being easy for one person to take over.

    Take a look at Ticket to Ride (by Days of Wonder), and Survive: Escape from Atlantis (by Stronghold Games). Both have simple rules, play relatively quickly (<1hour), and have been tested on many of my definitely non-nerdy friends and family. You also might want to take a look at Citadels (by Fantasy Flight).

    It's good to hear that you're still enjoying various hobby things, and I think having a range of games like the ones you've listed here will really help with the burn-out. Maybe just take a break from Warmachin/Hordes for a little bit, and focus on Infinity? If you're not enjoying a game, then there's no point forcing yourself to keep playing it. That will surely kill off your enjoyment of it for good. If you take a break, maybe you'll find something to rekindle the spark.

    Congratulations on your upcoming parenthood!

    1. Thanks for the suggestions, I’ll be checking them out! Half the group would probably prefer less “confrontational” type of games and I think the easier to quickly grasp the better.

      I think my playing of other games is just what the doctor ordered. I’m super excited for N3 and the “want” I have for playing Conquest at the moment is what I used to have for WM/H. It’s strange because I really like WM/H and the group I play with, so I have a hard time putting into words how I feel about it shrug

  2. Survive! is indeed brilliant. Colossal arena is also a lot of fun at a very reasonable price point, although it’s more 3-5 than 2-4.
    I’ll be looking forward to more infinity stuff… I know it’s practically taken over my own blog since my gaming group stayed suffering pretty badly from ’40k fatigue’. So excited for 3rd!

    1. Me too! My Tohaa have been waiting for more games, and I’ll be doing a Haqqislaam force too (they being the original army I was going to dive into Infinity with) come N3.

      I’ll check those games out, thanks for the suggestions!

  3. you get a lot of hobby in for a pending parent – good luck with baby come december; I found very little time at first after babies but the bit of time spent was a big sanity saver. 🙂

  4. For a board game, One of my recent acquisitions has been Splendor (2-4 players). Quasi-deck building, resource management Euro game that has been a big hit with my geeky and non-geeky friends. Even my parents picked it up quick and enjoyed it. Fun, pretty cheap, easy-to-learn, and non-confrontational.

    I agree with LordBubonicus, Ticket to Ride is a must-have for any game collection!

  5. Ah man! Congratulations on becoming a father!

    Let me take a stab at the boardgame recommendations:

    1- Dominion: You’ve enjoyed Conquest? Dominion was the game that started the whole Deckbuilder craze. Give it a try, it is THAT good.
    2- Carcassonne: It’s got tiles, townbuilding, and it’s really easy. In my honest opinion, this is a game that has a place in EVERY board gamer’s home.
    3- Cheapass Games: They make great games at really ridiculous prices. I recommend Fish Cook. They are all very family-fun, but require for you to provide dice, tokens and money. Basically, the generics most other games have. The best part is the fact you can get a lot of game for your buck, provided you have the aforementioned basics.
    4- If you liked Conquest, try Android Netrunner. Just be wary that is 2 player.
    5- Ticket to ride, this one’s a no brainer.
    6- If you want to get into the whole board game hubbub, I’d say to head over to youtube and search “The Dice Tower”. Right now they’re running top-100 and top-10 lists, It’s a pretty fun show too.

    1. Thanks and also thanks for the suggestions!

      Ticket to Ride seems to be a winner as everyone has recommended it so far and that many people can’t be wrong!

    2. Oh I forgot to mention that we have quite a bit of Netrunner and like it, but it’s “too much” game for other people when I try to show it to them and they get turned off really quick.

      1. Oh, it is too much game. In that case: Dominion. Same kind of Buzz, SO simple. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HGnwIlCn0EQ Once you get the wording down, it’s a pretty self-explanatory game. The expansions are very meaty too. I’m a big fan of the game (I think I have everything except the original standalone box). Just be wary that some of the big boxes are expansions and not standalone sets. I’d recommend starting with Dominion Intrigue.

  6. I’ll second ticket to ride.

    My wife and I enjoy Jaipur. It is a 2 player trading game that is quick to take out and play and doesn’t have any of the typical fantasy violence themes many geek games center on. Pandemic is a lot of fun. Flashpoint is a really cool theme but is a bit simplistic (at least with the basic firemen) and even though both those games I feel like the win or lose is based more on luck than tactics I find Pandemic to be a lot more exciting. It always goes down to the wire.

    If your family has watched the newer version of the battle star galactica the TV show then I have to recommend my favorite boardgame of the same name. It does an incredible job of capturing the feel of the show and is a great cooperative and social game that also has all players playing against each other in a way that Pandemic does not. If they have not watched the show the 2 hour pilot is sufficient but I would not recommend it if they are not interested.

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