8 thoughts on “Gencon 2014 Seminar”

  1. Do you think that this will be a release for all races? If so, why do they only show one races new toy? How is that fair at all?

    Have you painted up any Infinity? The models are much too small and you need a magnifying glass to paint them proper. What type of glass did you use to see them better if you did paint them up? Also, it is so lame that they don’t make their own brand of paint. Privateer Press does and so does GW. Why doesn’t infinity? They want to sell you on the hobby aspect, but don’t even provide you with the freaking tools to make your models look like theirs. Freaking insane if you ask me. Thoughts Volter Ron??

    You haven’t posted up any follow up to the Super Dungeon Explore chronicles? Have you stopped writing those period or are you just feeling lazy about doing that type of blog entry for now?

  2. Also. I see you did not reply to my other post on the blog post where you were painting the…………………

    CoC Warjack (I don’t know what these things are even called because Privateer Press decided to give them names that all sound the same. What the heck Privateer Press?)
    Circle Wolf in Blue
    Menoth in Yellow

    Did you see my comment I left there?

  3. hmm… tables in minis games tend to slow things down. Hopefully its actually too simple to really need a table for hacking and CC, but I still don’t get why they couldn’t just get it into the base rules by adjusting cc values of models.

    1. I think the table will really help in the beginning until these things become second nature. It’s certainly a more elegant and user friendly solution compared to the confusion it is know. I feel that any time you can give information ‘at-a-glance’ (ie graphics), you should.

      I mean compare the wiki page: http://infinitythegame.wikispot.org/Martial_Arts?action=show&redirect=Martial+Arts+L5 to the chart. They say the same information, but during a game the chart is better.

    1. Yeah, I think (speculation) they are a “new” race plus corrupted/sepisotored (sp?) Tohaa. They have symbiotic armor and take a lot of cues from Tohaa armor (compare the legs and arms), and besides the Umbra and Bioroid, those are clearly Tohaa weapons.

      Nothing from Combined Army interested me until now 😀

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