Spoilers from GenCon 2014! Infinity Edition!

Yesterday was my main squeeze’s day, today it’s my side game!


First let’s start with my bros, the Tohaa.  Here we have the Kotail:

Tohaa kotail
Soon to be starring in Expendables 4…

Meh on the helmet, AWESOME on everything else! Symbiote Armor and dual Combis?! Aw yiss. Even the pose is great.  The helmet might just be the angle because I usually love the Tohaa headgear.

Next up is YOJIMBO!

Infinity Yojimbo
All I wanna do is zooma zooma zoom zoom

This guy has been eagerly awaited, although I admit I’m ignorant as to why since I don’t follow Yu Jing that much (outside of loving their power armor). But basically he’s a future Ronin on an Akira motorbike. The only way that sentence could be cooler is if it was playing a guitar solo.

Here he is sans motorbike.

standing yojimbo
Not as exciting as a motorbike, but still.

Oh and more in these videos! not really anything spoiler-ific, but cool stuff all the same!


On the 3rd edition rules front:

  • Reatreat! threshold has been increased to 75%. A welcome change even if I’m still not the biggest fan of the rule overall.


Give me a piece of your mind (mmm your delicious, delicious mind...).

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