Exigence Spoilers from GenCon 2014

Spoilers are already starting to trickle out for the new casters in the next Hordes book: EXIGENCE.

Got your attention now?  Good, because I have them all collected here in screenshot form.

Click each to enlarge.

Stone Cold Brodog (Bradigus)


Ranged attack is RAT 6, RNG 8, ROF 3, POW 13
POW 13, Magic, Reach Melee

Miss Iron kingdoms 2014 Abigail Dragonton (eAbby)

Feat: All Warbeast in her Battlegroup: Reach, Flight, +2 Str   (which is bananas I might add)

Hot Hot Helga (Helga the Conqueror)


Xerx the Herc (eXerxis)

Jaga Jaga

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