Another successful hobbying weekend! With Pics!

Despite my being out of town for a almost a week, I had what I would call a successful hobby weekend!  Well it was pretty much a successful Sunday…but still!

Let’s take a look-see at what hit the table this weekend!


Let’s start with the model that’s this post’s featured image, the Covergence of Cyriss Modulator heavy Vector (sidenote: holy moley this thing was easy to magnetize). In a recent post, I told you guys that my bro-in-law is getting into the game (and tabletop games in general) with CoC as his faction of choice. He’s already got a 25 point Syntherian theme force list that we’ve been prepping for paint and playability last week.

Yesterday, we started to paint.

Subtle, yet effective...
Subtle, yet effective…

He’s echoing the carbon fiber scheme a bit from NQ53.  I think it’s a fairly subtle effect, but definitely looks good.  I personally love the look of these Vectors over the other spider legged chassis.  While he worked on this guy, I worked on:

Goin' ghost.
Goin’ ghost.

A Pureblood Warpwolf!  I figured with him getting into the game, it’d be a good time to work on that eKaya theme force I’ve had in boxes for like a year+ to go against his Convergence.  Kinda like a mini-Journeyman League for me and him (which is nice because my last attempt bombed).

If you’ll remember I have painted a set of Shifting Stones + Stone Keeper already, as well as a Feral Warpwolf and Gorax.  I’ve even attempted this guy before.  I’ve debated whether I want to do this Circle army at all, but I think in the end it’s probably for the best that I take it on. The playstyle and models seem radically different from Menoth, so the break from them and this mini-Journeyan league I’ve conjured in my mind would probably do me some good. Plus it’s only 7 models (4 if I build it a different way) to 25 points.

Speaking of Menoth, I will soon be diving headfirst back into them becaaaaause…

FOR THE wait...

I’ve found my new Menite paint scheme! I have talked at length about how to paint and subsequently repaint my Protectorate.  This time I think I have really found the answer.  This incorporates the golden army idea I’ve have from the beginning.  My realistic, Dragon Age Templar inspired scheme would have been neat, but I feared they would ultimately suffer the same fate as my Dark Menoth (looking blah on the table after awhile).This new scheme has pop.  Note: this is just a test model, so it’s not exactly clean.  I was just testing out color placement.

And finally….

Black Diamond "Blue" Dragons
Black Diamond “Blue” Dragons

More Relic Knights stuff! I’ve still yet to get a game in, but the Black Dragons are probably my favorite unit in Black Diamond.  These I actually started on about a week or two ago.  I started trying to bring out the definition on the one on the left.  I really love this blue color.

Not bad for a day or so’s worth of work…

I’d love to hear your comments on any of these subjects!

And finally, what’s on your table?


5 thoughts on “Another successful hobbying weekend! With Pics!”

  1. Those relic knights look seriously cool. I can’t wait to get my hands over my own guys from that line.

    I can’t bear to see the mold line on that Convergence vector, The paint job is too good!

  2. I’m still wondering about that “mat” you bought. Do you own a colossal for Circle or Menoth? If not, you could have bought one for the price of that mat or made a charitable contribution to the political party of your choice (there is only one true choice though).

    I don’t even see the mat in any of these new pictures. My guess is if you had a colossal I’d see it in the pictures because you would be painting it up.

    Some day they will release a mat that does not cost the price of a colossal. Until then I encourage people to play on carpet you can buy from any big carpet store. You can even find it for free if you ask nicely and you are not out a colossal in money.

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