Operation: Icestorm Models Revealed



4 thoughts on “Operation: Icestorm Models Revealed”

  1. So is this a new set of models for every faction coming as part of 3rd ed? The Nomads look incredibly nice, Peacekeepers from Farscape on the Sci Fi Channel has always been a close but not quite look for them, but these chaps are dead on. I’m way more keen on them… then I see the new fusiliers? Holy fantastic…..

    1. A lot of these are rescults of older models. CB is going though and resculpting a lot of their older line. They’re moving away from the more anime-esque look and more towards a realistic look (proper proportions etc), and to also bring the old line in sync with the new stuff coming out.

      I’m not sure the that EVERY faction is getting a new box, unless they contain a lot of these older sculpts. We’ll see though.

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