Hobbying on the weekend?! A tabletop update.

What madness is this?!

For various reasons (mostly burnout and time), I haven’t been the most active on the hobby front.  Especially not near what I was in the beginning of 2013.

This weekend I think was one of my most productive hobby-wise in awhile, even with everything my wife and I had going on…


My Bro-in-law recently moved up to the DC area, so I brought him to the last two Game nights at Fairfax Comics & Gaming.  You know, to get him out of the house and meet some people.  He’s not a tabletop gamer himself, but I think he enjoyed himself.  Why do I think that?  He’s got a 25pt Convergence army (despite my warnings that they are a little rough for new folks) on the way…

The bloody badlands.

The bloody badlands.

Here’s a pic from Sunday when I had some downtime after a day of starting to pack and going through our stuff to toss (we are moving soon).  It gave me a chance to break out the new gaming mat and actually get a game on it.  We played a quick 25 pointer: he playing my Legion with Kallus at the helm, me with Amon.  This was more an exercise in helping him understand how FURY worked, as the past few times he’s been paired with other new players who were Hordes player, so the FURY mechanic is still very much in the WTF?! stage of learning. It’s one of those things that until you try it it’ll always seem crazy (wait so he get’s to keep attacking?!). It doesn’t really help that one of those players is using a Bronzeback with pMorghul…

Since his main man is going to be Syntherian, I decided to give him a taste of the original Synergy caster (Syntherian also happens to have Convection).  I got plicked for damage a few times due to his being able to put out a bunch of POW 13-14s and Amon being way up and usually camping 2 focus.  True to form, Amon’s crew #rekt shit on feat turn but he was left naked and open on the left side, and his was slain.


legs and bases (2)
Look at these sexy legs!

To whom might these legs belong to?!

I’ve gone over to the dark side…Dark Eldar that is! A co-worker of mine used to be into 40K and once he found out I was a tabletop nerd, he wanted to get back into it. But he wanted to play 40K. I thought it was a fine chance to get some new models to paint and I have been eyeing them for some time. Two weeks ago, we made our initial order, enough for us to field 500pts each. For me that basically meant the DE battleforce box and the Raider I had previously purchased for Nova Open. I also found a single Kabalite warrior and some bits on eBay so I can make my Archon/HQ choice.

The general idea is forming.
The general idea is forming…

Here she is tac-ed together to give me a general idea. She’s still missing a bunch of details in order to jazz her up and make her look more like Vulkan He’Stan.

Over the weekend I was able to make the bases, assemble the Kabalite Warriors, and get them basecoated. I gotta say: I get the GW hate, but I love their kits! I was having like a modeling revelation working on it. The plastic is amazing, much better to work with and paint up.

Green space evil elves!
Green space evil elves!

A couple of our more casual members of our WM/H group is also interested in going a little campaign for 40K, so be on the lookout for more about that too (if it actually happens, these ideas sadly have a way of fizzling out)!


And what about Relic knights? That’s still coming too. I am finishing the BD grunts and tank now as you can see in the background above. I’m waiting on Plarz to finish his (from the comments it sounds like he’ll be doing Paladins first) and then we’ll get that video up for you guys to enjoy!

Sorry this post is, like, a week late...

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