[Relic Knights] Leopold Magnus & Static

Following on the heels of last post as promised, here is the first Relic Knights’ pair of models: Leopold Magnus and Static!

mags 2

Magnus is a Questing Knight (sort of like a junior Knight) for the Black Diamond faction and Static is his Cypher. I haven’t got a game in yet, but just by looking at his abilities, he seems to be geared towards Control type tactics with Esper stealing and knockback abilities.  Also I’m not quite sure what he is?  A robot?  Alien in a suit? So I’ll just put what’s on the back of the box:

Leopold Magnus spearheads Black Diamond’s research and development.  Naturally the best place to test his fiendish creations is on the field of battle.

While I’m not really super proud of the paintjob (it’s pretty much a tabletop speed job special), I do really like how his cape came out:

Crappy picture is still crappy though.
Crappy picture is still crappy though.

The bases also came out really good and they are the kickstarter extras that were included.  It also gave me a chance to break out my Secret Weapon pigments! I also think that the bases are a better plastic that the actual models!  Jeez, I really hate the type of plastic used on the models (same can be said about Privateer Press plastics too)…

Sigh...I need a light box...
Sigh…I need a light box…

The rest of the starter box models are incoming! Just as soon as I figure out a paint scheme, although I’m leaning towards making them all purple to match Mags here.  Kinda like his personal guard…

10 thoughts on “[Relic Knights] Leopold Magnus & Static”

  1. Man, I’ve been so damn tempted to get this game. I just love the anime aesthetic and the vidrep I watched made the game seem real fun. I’d be all over Speed Circuit… and maybe Doctrine too.

    Only problem is the usual finding someone else who’d also be willing to pick it up in my own group. Love it when a group goes in on splitting a kickstarter as it guarantees people to play against.

    1. That was part of the reason why I jumped in since I knew there were othera in my regular group that’d have models. the other reason was that One Shot was more expensive a model normally than my pledge!

      Now whether it enters regular rotation amongst our group has yet to be seen…with the Nova Open around the corner, not many folks are devoting any time to trying it out on the table yet.

      1. I hear you on that. We got our own kickstarter batch that should be coming in here next month for Wrath of Kings. It’s my first kickstarter but yeah, a whole army at a huge discount is too good to pass up when others are already planning on getting one too.

        Still, I think I may go ahead and pick up a Relic Knights starter sometime through Victory Comics because the models look frickin’ sweet (would it sound terrible if I said I wish Infinity had this aesthetic) and another person here had also expressed interest as well so I may yet get to play with it as well.

        1. Different strokes different folks I guess haha! I much prefer the look infinity is going with nowadays.

          Wrath of Kings was one we almost got on too, but in the end decided not to because of Relic Knights.

          1. I gotcha. Infinity’s models are definitely hot, I’ve just always been a fan of a more stylistic design approach. I don’t know what it is, but it just draws me in like a moth to a flame.

    1. No idea. Haven’t tried it since the last time we tried it. maybe I can get Plarz or someone to bring their box in next Wednesday to give it a go?

      One thing I did notice on my guys’ cards now is that there aren’t any soaks or dodges, so hopefully they’ve toned down the EXTREME rock-paper-scissors thing they had.

      Also Cadre building is different now. Still point based but you can fit more than 3-4 models into a game now. Although that’s also still possible with how character-driven the game is (excluding Black Diamond as faceless soldiers are their thing).

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