[Relic Knights] Black Diamond Starter Unboxing

Ah Relic Knights…the kickstarter many thought would never arrive…

Many of our locals that went into in have begun to actually recieve their rewards!  One of those locals is Plarzoid, which means by extension, ME!

I jumped onto Plarz’ pledge (does one man really need four factions?), picking Black Diamond as my faction of choice. I didn’t really go as over board as some of our folks, only adding a box of Black Dragons to my order.  But we’ll get there. First let’s start with want comes in the new Starter box Soda Pop Miniatures has made for the game…

Gaze upon actual KS rewards!
Gaze upon actual KS rewards!

Right out the gate, everything is very neatly and compactly packed. The first thing you see is the playmat which you unfold and it keeps track of where your various cards go in game.  This mat is made of typical poster type paper.  Seems okay sturdy, but I think it’ll wear quickly with use.  Although, since you’re really just using it to place cards and tokens on top of it, I think it’ll be fine.  I do love the purple splash of color.

Time to dive in!

Next up, we have the mini-rulebook.  And when I say mini, I’m not joking.  This thing is teeny tiny compared to other quick start rule things.

A template from Plarzoid for scale.
A template from Plarzoid for scale.

As you can see, it’s a little over five inches tall!  But this is pretty much a full featured rulebook(let)!  You don’t get any of the fluff or flavor illustrations through the pages, but check this out!

insideminirulebookPages are full color and the text, while relatively tiny, is not terrible to read.  I haven’t given the rules the full work over yet, so I can’t comment on them yet, but they look fairly solid (EDIT: looks like they tightened up a lot since my first demo, especially with regards to Cadre building and making it not so hard counter-y).  Plarz and I kicked around an idea of doing a video of a demo game between this box and one of his once we got them painted and a quick game or two under our belts.

Whole lotta cards...
Whole lotta cards…

Here you can see the cards that come with the set.  Each box includes an Esper deck since you need one to play the game.  A normal deck of cards won’t fly as a substitute for Relic Knights (unlike how it can in Malifaux).  The cards themselves are bright and colorful, but feel a little on the thin side.  That may just be me though.  It also includes scenario cards, action cards (general actions colors of a faction can do), objective marking cards, and a token tracking card.

The model cards themselves are your typical fare.  But oddly enough, each model actually comes with 2 cards, one with stats, the other with its abilities.  Not sure why this is yet.  Knights are also two cards, but one of their cards is extra large at 5″ wide (see the pic above).  More than likely due to them having a host of abilities above the typical model.


Last we have the baggies.  On the left are all the models for the starter set.  On the right was a bit of a surprise.  It’s a set of tokens!  These are nice acrylic ones too!  It also includes objective tokens!  I very much liked this.  Oh and note how the bases on the models, while being the round lip type we are accustomed to from Privateer Press bases, these are this cool purple color.  While coincidentally that happens to be my faction’s color, asking around it seems that the bases’ color is standard for all factions.

I actually really like these guys.
I actually really like these guys’ sculpt.

The models (arguably the most important contents) are actually pretty good.  They are pretty much what we’ve come to know from Privateer Press models, although I found these a little “stiffer”. Mold lines came off easier and details are fairly crisp.  The models are of the dummy proof variety.  Each piece is slotted so there is really no question where it should do.  Even without reference materials I was about to assemble the models in this box in about 30 minutes.



To give you an idea of the flash.
To give you an idea of the flash.

Flash and mold lines are fairly minimal. I am still not a fan of this material used personally. It’s mostly due to the material that’s also kind of killed my drive to paint my PP stuff.  I just hate working with it and there always seems to be mold lines no matter how thorough you are.  Sorry I had to rant about it.

Check the deets!
Check the deets!

Speaking of models, this set comes with eight models for a total of 29 points by my count.  The smallest game size in the book is 35 points FYI.

As I make my way through painting these, I’ll be sure to post them on here!  In all honestly, they really don’t look all that hard to paint.

So what’s the final word on the box?

It’s very good!  The amount of stuff included gets you up and running right out of the gate!  That’s something that I think is key for a new game, as often times with this hobby you can get hit with a lot of unseen costs when once you buy the models, you then have to buy x, y, and z.  So in this case, this is something I would call a true starter box.  The models are fairly crisp with details and overall seem very easy to paint.  I chalk this up to the anime aesthetic used throughout Relic Knights.

Stay tuned for more Relic Knights soon!

4 thoughts on “[Relic Knights] Black Diamond Starter Unboxing”

  1. Cool, I forgot about that kickstarter. Hopefully the rules got the kinks worked out. It would be cool to see you and Plarz do a video of how the game plays, and to see your guys painted models.

  2. It’s great to see that they’re finally delivering models to people for Relic Knights. Sadly I didn’t get involved in the Kickstarter, but I saw a gameplay demo video about a year ago that got me interested. I’ve just gone to their website and downloaded the rules, cards, and Esper deck; I just need to sit down and have a read now

    I’m looking forward to reading more of your thoughts on the game.

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