[Infinity] 3rd Edition Rumors

Here’s something I found on the Infinity subreddit.  Infinity’s 3rd Edition is seemingly around the corner, so information is starting to trickle out about it.  I think that a big presentation will end up being at this year’s Gen Con.

Let’s see what we have so far…


This is all from talks Corvus Belli has done at various wargaming conventions in recent months.

Confirmed 3E changes:
•There will be a new Line of Fire system that uses a standard visual template based on the new Size Attribute. Called the Silhouette Attribute by Bostria.
•Shotguns are being revised.
•LoL and Retreat! are being redone.
•There will be new units accompanying the release, but ALEPH and Tohaa will getting more new units than anyone else.
•The 3E book is rules-compatible with Paradiso and Human Sphere and will not change the current timeline at all.

Confirmed Future Sectorials:
•Haqqislam — Al-Medinat-Bio-Engineering focus; Khanate-mechanized infantry and bikes focused; Caliphate-unknown;
•Nomads — Tunguska
•Ariadna — Kazaks; USAriadna
•At least 3 Mercenary Sectorials
•All Factions will be getting 2 new Sectorials in the next expansion, Achereon Falls.

Rumored Future Sectorials:
•CB has confirmed that a ton of Swiss-themed PanO troops (Hexas, Swiss Guard, Aquilas, Fusiliers) are being resculpted / reboxed for GenCon. Swiss Sectorial?
•Bostria mentioned a “Black Hand” assassin sectorial for Nomads at one point, but I can’t confirm it atm.

Fun Things:
•A third-party company is producing a line of non-playable, meant-to-be-objectives Faction Vehicles. First off the dock is a Yu Jing Transport Flyer. I believe they will be resin. There will be a Kickstarter later this year to produce at least one craft for each Faction. All CB approved.


(Take my thoughts with a grain of salt as I'm not as well-versed in Infinity as I am WM/H)

Personally, I’m so glad that they are redoing the Loss of Lieutenant and Retreat! rules.  Those sets of rules are easily my least favorite in Infinity.  LoL is essentially a lost turn and with the turn limits the game has, losing even just one of them is super tilting.

Retreat! is just plain odd in my opinion. It just serves to complicate things. 60% seems an arbitrary threshold.  In my past games, if I lost my Gorgos I had a good chance of going into Retreat.  If I didn’t, nope.  I’ve stated before that Infinity to me feels like an action movie.  Losing 60% of your army doesn’t mean it’s time to run, it means it’s time for Hail Mary heroics!  Something I love about WM/H is that even when you are getting tabled, you’re never out as a crazy caster assassination on an over confident opponent can win you the game.  When you’re in Retreat! if feels like we’re just ticking the tires until the game “officially” ends.

The new LoS (or LoF) rules sounds like what WM/H uses (base sizes) and would be a welcome change to me too, if only in that it makes the transition between game systems a little easier.

More experienced Infinity players, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

9 thoughts on “[Infinity] 3rd Edition Rumors”

  1. I have a feeling most reworks will be geared towards ITS, and both LoL and Retreat as is are currently the death of an ITS game.

    A lost turn due to LoL in a fast-paced 3-turn game is about all but impossible to recover from. And, Retreat already has a special exception in ITS that just ends the game prematurely once it’s reached (though in ITS, that’s often an exploitable advantage).

    1. Exactly! Especially when you can drop Ko Dali or similar into the back lines early and pump orders into her and get lucky. You would think a groups of highly trained special operatives know what to do in the event their leader dies rather than “GUYZ TIME OUT WHAT DO NOW?!”, especially if fluff-wise a game takes place over mere moments in “real-time”.

      LoL and Retreat just seem to me to make the game way too swing-ey.

  2. I’m all for simplifying the game. The amount of markers and computation for gun ranges are already killing newer players and is becoming a barrier to entry.

    1. Yeah i agree with the computations. It definitely took a bit to wrap my head around it.

      And there are an insane amount of markers, but that argument can also be made for WM/H so it’s probably a wash.

  3. I was never bothered by the markers, just the cost of the nice ones 🙂

    Thanks for the update Ron, if they change stuff its a good start. Wish they didn’t try to make it compatible with paradiso etc. I would have preferred they just make a 1 a crit and reduce the all ON or all OFF aspects of tech like TO camo vs visors

    1. You definitely need to check out http://www.warsen.al then! I recently bought a bunch of wound, order, and faction (for my Triads) counters, a template set, and a 3-pack of antennae/objective terrain things all for ~$25 and they all look amazing! Their terrain looks pretty cool too and they also make WM/H tokens (and they made where I used to live in FL).

      I admittedly haven’t delved that much into TO territory as the rule density turned me off to it early on. But that’s an extra example as something that needs streamlining ;D

  4. This is such sweet vindication. I was one of the guys arguing post after post 2 years ago, asking for standardized size for LOS and a bunch of dipshit wanna be table toppers, who are really role players at heart were arguing that it wasn’t needed. Well to all those people: ha fucking ha you idiots.

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