infinity is cyber ninjas. Which is auto-win every time.

So you want to play Infinity? A Beginner’s Guide!

Since finishing my Gorgos, I’ve been on a bit of an Infinity kick. I’ve even been thinking about getting a little Haqqislam force (my original army choice) to go with my Tohaa.  And with talks of 3rd edition coming out this fall…I think it’s high time I got these bros on the table more often…

How can you not want this?!
How can you not want this?!

But I think I’m jumping ahead a bit. This is more about a beginner’s guide to Infinity.  Well, I’m actually going to hand that off to Certs, who over on his blog answers all your Infinity questions, like: What the hell is Infinity?  How do you play? What do I need? And so on.  Much like my So you want to play WM/H? post, Certs does an amazing job breaking down damn near EVERYTHING you want to know in easy to understand snippets.  Check it out!

An introduction to Infinity

Where to find Infinity terrain?

6 thoughts on “So you want to play Infinity? A Beginner’s Guide!”

  1. Thanks for the plug 🙂

    Meanwhile. How about an ‘So you want to buy an Airbrush and Compressor? A Beginner’s Guide’ Article? 😛

    I was doing research into getting myself one, saw you on an inquiring post over on the PP forum, and would love to hear your take on what specs you like.

    I found a decent deal for a compressor w/ tank and built-in regulator and moisture trap. Though I’m still torn on an AB… a Badger Krome or Iwata HP-CS seem to be the recommended. But there’s also the inexpensive Master G233 (cheap Iwata knock-off?) and Paasche TG#2L (found one on sale for $60), which I guess could be better for starting out.

    And then I’m lost on what accessories I should get with the AB.

    1. Great idea, when I get home I’ll take some pics of my rig and get that up this week (hopefully tomorrow or Wednesday)! I’ll talk about all this stuff.

      As for your question, here’s some quick thoughts:

      You’re definitely on the right track with with looking at gravity feed and ~.3 sized needles!

      I have a Badger Krome and Iwata Revolution. I love the Krome and it has become my workhorse. The Iwata is really good, but the Revolution has a .5 needle which is a bit large for most projects outside of basecoating all over. The quality of Iwata is still good overall though.

      The Paasche seems very similar to the HP-CS…

      Can’t comment much on the Master, but with 3 interchangeable needles, seems like a good deal.

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