Trying to get into the mindset before I paint the Raider…

I love customization.

It’s why none of my models are ever painted in studio schemes. Why I spend an exorbitant amount of time tweaking my character until he’s just right before even playing a video game. Why I make characters/models for games that don’t even need them (like my custom Mage War mage models).

It’s why I’m making a custom Dark Eldar kabal for just a painting contest entry.  I figured something like this would help me get into the proper mindset when I finally sit down to put airbrush to model.

Utilizing these  Dark Eldar Kabal creation tables and this DnD dice roller I found on Google, I came up with a quick idea for my kabal that I could easily expand IF I ever wanted to pursue a Dark Eldar army past this model.

Enter the Kabal of the Eternal Eclipse.

The Kabal of the Eternal Eclipse

A relatively young Kabal formed in the wake of the Imperial assault on Commorragh when Vect was to seize power,the Kabal was weakly held together by a member of nobility, it’s key asset being a sun owned by the noble house.

Constantly beset by other Kabals vying for control of said sun, the Kabal was in serious decline, losing many to attrition until a new Archon came into the picture.

Ruezae Hallyr was a mere kabalite warrior before she come to power by simply, and literally, stabbing the previous Archon in the back in the midst of a raid.  In the ensuring power vacuum she bested all comers in close combat, quickly and bluntly, until the remaining few bent to her will.  Once she had power, she renamed the Kabal to it’s current incarnation, and adopted the colors of the Space Marines Salamanders chapter which had almost brought Commarragh to its knees, as open mockery to their fellow Dark Eldar brethren.

Since they are situated close to a sun, they are fairer skinned then their other Dark Eldar ilk, and are in fact closer in skin tone to many of their Craft World cousins.

When they aren’t raiding, they are fending off attempts by other Kabals.  As such, they have little time for equipment upkeep.

Hmmm…how will I translate all this to my Raider??

Stay tuned!

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