Volt_Ron's Tohaa as of May 2014

[Infinity] Tohaa Gorgos Inbound!

Tohaa Gorgos
Prepare for Gorgosfall!

Finally got around to painting the Tohaa Gorgos. I haven’t been playing any Infinity but right now he and his bro were the only Tohaa models I have that were unpainted so, now it’s just his little Chaksa bro (seen in black above).

I love this model. He was a joy to put together (all Infinity models have been to be honest with you) and to paint. I can’t wait to get him on the table one day soon.

Now to just get Aelis Keesan, the Support Group, and maybe a Gao-Tarsos and my Tohaa collection will be complete.

He basically a hulked-out Ectros.  And I'm so cool with that.
He basically a hulked-out Ectros. And I’m so cool with that.

I’m also hoping with the news of Infinity 3rd edition coming up later this year, that maybe I’ll be able to get some locals involved in a small campaign or something after the Nova Open when much of the group is typically struggling with WM/H burnout. A lot of them bought models after last Nova Open, but I don’t think a bunch of said models have even been assembled yet!

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