Mage is ready to thrown down in the arena!

With the East Coast Rumble coming up this weekend, you’d think I spent my weekend prepping for it. WRONG.

As detailed in a post a bit ago, I’ve recently gotten into playing the board game Mage Wars. Mage Wars is technically a card game at it’s core, but leaving well enough alone is not how I roll. In Mage Wars, you’re able to completely customize your spell book and also your mage with different kinds of equipment.  What does that say to me right away?


"Bro, do you even conjure?!"
“Bro, do you even conjure?!”

I went online and found this mini from Anima Tactics that I thought looked cool and represented my mage best.  I lean heavily towards playing either the Warlock, a mage that prefers to get things done himself, or the Beastmaster.  Both of which are pretty well represented by him I think.

A quick word about painting him: it was awesome.  It was so nice to paint something other than a Privateer Press model.  It gives me hopes that this Dark Eldar Raider (which I just started to assemble as well). I tried a new technique that I used on Testament of Menoth (who I really need to get on finishing if I’m to enter him into the ECR painting comp) on the skin and also tried to do some 2-brush blending that I learned so long ago, but failed to follow up on.  It turned out pretty good.  I’ll have to practice so more though because it’s still not quite comfortable to me yet.

I thought about giving him tattoos but balked.  Maybe I’ll revisit it later.

One thing that kinda bugs me, is the red cloak.  It looks like there’s only 2 colors (dark red and then the bright red lines) but in actually there are 4 different shades of red.  I think the issue is that the dark shades are very close together.

I have a model for my wife’s mage as well.  It’s a model from Reaper Bones.  I’m almost done with it, but man, I hate that material.  I thought PP’s plastics were bad…



6 thoughts on “Mage is ready to thrown down in the arena!”

  1. What is the Tech you used for the flesh, that you mentioned. Is there a tutorial for it somewhere. I love it, this guy looks great. Also what is the name of the model I may have to get one for my D&D games. Thanks for sharing.

    1. He’s Marchosias from Anima Tactics.

      As for the skin it was based in a royal purple then P3 Midlund Flesh, followed by glazes of Khardic Flesh and Sanguine Base. Then I (attempted to) used 2-brush blending to bring up the highlights.

  2. Very nice paint job. The skin looks awesome and I really love the richness of your red tones and the high contrast you achieved.

    The Bones material is indeed something you have to get used to. It is not as easy to clean up, but it takes paint well and the paint sticks to it. The flexibility comes in handy if you want to reposition something and chopping away stuff is super easy. I guess each and every material has its advantages and disadvantages.

  3. I’ve been in the mood for a pallet cleanser as well. I picked up a circle model, but after so much speed painting its hard to be patient with a single model. Maybe an infinity tag or some pulp city villains….

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